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PS4 won't connect to network

Hello, My playstation will not conect to playstion network System Configuration: PlayStation 4 / NetFront 5.50

phone switches off when a SIM card is inserted [Solved]

Hello, My new phone switches off when a SIM card is inserted. But does not switches off when SIM removed. I am unable to make calls. Please tell me what is wrong with my new phone. Regards Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

Upgrade from Windows 7 to anything else better

Hello friends: I hope this is not a stupid question, but I would be very grateful if anyone could help me. I have an old Acer Aspire laptop running Windows 7. Is there any upgrade available? Thank you. Hope you all are having a good evening.

adjust code show message about brand

hi i would helping to adjust my code i have data in my sheet a,b ,c columns a= item , b= brand, c= quantity and userform textbox1,2,3 when i fill the data in textbox2 the brand and textbox 3 the quantity and press enter in textbox3 should show message "available is 330 or 500...etc" if what i fill the value in texbox3 more ... Read more

HDD swapping with different Unit

I wanted to swap my HDD from dell optiplex 5050 core i5 to optiplex 5050 core i7. but when i On the PC, OS is not loading and message appear no device detected. i restart again, it show the same message. Please help what should i do. thanks!


I have just downloaded ADOBE Reader DC through this website (CCM). NowI am waiting to see a linkn to install the Adobe. Am I missing something?

How to make a cell blink in "Excel"?

Hi, Re: "Microsoft Excel for Mac version 16.16.14 (190909)" (aka "Excel for Mac 2016") Q: referring to the cell the cursor is currently in, how can I make the entire cell blink? And can I add color? And is it possible that if a cell is a result of a formula to have it blink, in a color, if a certain value is reached? ... Read more

Configure ZXDSL 831ll modem

Hi how to configuration modem ZXDSL 831ll

I canno get into my own google acct& gmail account

Hello, I can't get into my very own gmail& google accts

LG monitor keeps switching to power saving mode.

So i was playing a survival game, graphics werent too big, just decent+ ? , and then suddenly my pc shuts down, and i try to open it agaim but it keeps saying "power saving mode" then switches off (red light) and i tried unplugging pc and monitor from eachother, i also switched on and off the pc alot of times, i cant see the screen and ke... Read more

My computer turns on but nothing is on the screen

Hello, my computer turns on but nothing shows on the screen, please can you suggest a method for me that would not affect my files and documents, I really can't afford to lose my documents. God bless you.

Laptop wont when unplugged

Hello, My Toshiba AMD A8 laptop turns off when unplugged. It was bought 4 years ago. It works fine while plugged up.