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“Our heritage and ideals, our code and standards – the things we live by and teach our children – are preserved or diminished by how freely we exchange ideas and feelings.” - Walt Disney

Being scammed

1 How does anyone know if they might be getting scammed by an individual, or an organization? 2 Does being told to do something, or perform an extra action not relating to the issue; would that be a clue? 3 What about being told you have a credit card fraud problem when you aren't aware that you even have a credit card? 4 Will Mi...

Crystal reports help

Hello experts. I have a need to evaluate my staffs production. I cant find the evaluation button in Crystal Reports. I read that it will evaluate production in a previous post (found here). Where is the button to evaluate the production? I dont see any where to enter my employees names...

Here is why your Facebook accounts get deleted

Please review this post. It might shed some light on the crackdown of Facebook accounts!

Concerning Smart TV Safety mode....

https://ccm.net/faq/40735-how-to-enable-safety-mode-on-lg-smart-tv What are the "certain programs and applications" that may be blocked? Is it done by program rating? What applications should I be concerned with, if I thought it was necessary to block apps?

Reviews in forum

The anon members sometimes leave comments on their review, for assistance or some other question. We cannot respond to thise reviews! I see NO VALUE IN THE STAR REVIEWS BEING POSTED. IT CREATES CLUTTER, AND IMHO with all of the anon posting, it looks like it is bots on the forum!!! At least warn the user that it is a reveiw, and no ...

What is an MX record, and can it harm me?

I was reading this article, and was wondering, what is an MX record?

You are invited to the party, and get presents!

Hey all, World of Warships just brought the new French Tech Tree! Join me in the new adventures on the high seas! Here is my newest crew: New players can sign up with this link. Here is what you will enjoy from the start: --New players get a Premium Battleship, Warspite --New players get a Premuim Cruiser, Diana Lima ...

Facebook is not offering me to Enter in my new Mobile number or email [Solved]

If your mobile number, or email on your account has changed, attempt log in here: https://www.facebook.com/help/www/231208473756221?helpref=faq_content If this link does not help, let's explore; Facebook offers you the opportunity to enter in your new phone number, you enter it in, and it sends you a code to allow you to login and ...

PRODIGY - Keith Flint

Rest in Peace, Keith! We loved your style! Keith was vocals and THE front for Prodigy! The shows will be missed!

Closing a thread, only to find someone responds...

Well, considering there is a little widget (return arrow) in EACH post that will allow a write, what good is it to CLOSE a thread? Can we eliminate one or the other, or remove the return arrow when closed? Its just a little thing that defeats the purpose of another when activated!

Is there a good "Contact" manager?

Hey all, I hope everyone is doing great today! I have a need for a contact manager, that will run on both a PC, and Iphones. So, a secretary can enter in a phone number and new contact, and a user can then see the contact on their Iphone. Is there a simple reliable app that everyone trusts? I don't want my contacts hijacked. If it ...

If you havent heard it, its Free Concerts!

Here is a free concert channel! mathewkheafy on Twitch! Trivium Guitarist! Playing the IMpact Festival NOW! https://www.twitch.tv/matthewkheafy Have fun!

Opinion/Survey "Lost Mobile Numbers"

Hello all, I am curios to see how frequent each problem is when it comes to "Losing" their mobile number. What is the cause of losing your mobile number?

What you can do to get BANNED FROM FACEBOOK

Here it is folks, the 27 page document that lists EVERYTHING you WILL GET BANNED from FACEBOOK for: https://www.facebook.com/communitystandards/ Read up, and if you are guilty, you are GONE! Nothing to do, just DONE! Once you are BANNED, you are BANNED! Have FuN with that!

Guided Missile Exiled to Fortnite Vault


Cant we all Follow in Jim's footsteps?

Well, I guess I should say, can't you all follow Jim Carrey's lead? Check this out: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/02/06/comedian-jim-carrey-delete-your-facebook-account-and-dump-the-stock.html I fully agree! Once again, for every "I got my new kidney on Facebook" story, I have 50 that ends in tragedy because of that platform! ...

Pray for Florida

Alright, Central Florida is still here, but most still without electricity. PLease say a prayer for those who are in need of some reprieve from the elements. My Family and I are doing well. We were without power from VERY early ON, almost as soon as the sun went down on Sunday! The wind continued to howl for over 8 hours, until abou...

Windows 10 creator Update Breaks PC (mine anyway!)

OK, I have been "deferring" the update to creator for a while, but we all know deferring means to hold off until microsoft PUSHES it on you. Well, it pushed it, and it broke it! If my car had a crappy update, they would recall it, but for some reason, software as a service doesn't work like that industry does! So, if you all get to a...

Working With UserForms in Excel

Making a UserForm in Excel for Data Entry and Display This is a quick and easy way to create a UserForm for controlling Input into a worksheet in Excel. We will formulate a worksheet for storing the entries, along with creating a quick and easy UserForm for displaying the entries, line by line. And, we will build in the functionality of...

PS4 Errors - Too Many USB Devices Connected

Hey all, Just a short little note about how to fix a PS4, if the USB ports stop working. Indication: An error message saying "Too Many USB Devices are connected", when in fact NONE are! Result of Indication: No USB ports on the front of the console would work. Can not charge any controllers, or use any USB devices. Fix/Procedure: ...