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terabyte w777mi driver

Hello, I lost my CD of Terabyte W777mi driver. Please help!


What operating system?

Keyboard wont type any letter twice [Solved/Closed]

Please, how can I fix my keyboard? It is "refusing" to type any letter twice, any backspace or anything twice. I have to do first something else on the keyboard, and only then type the same letter again. Please help me! Z

Unblock my badoo Account [Solved/Closed]

My account for badoo was block, really don't the reason why please unblock my account, I downloaded the badoo app

I want to download Google Play Store for my laptop.

Dear l want to download Google Play Store for my laptop.So happy to be in this group .

phone switches off when a SIM card is inserted [Solved]

Hello, My new phone switches off when a SIM card is inserted. But does not switches off when SIM removed. I am unable to make calls. Please tell me what is wrong with my new phone. Regards Configuration: iPhone / Safari 4.0

Create a new Gmail account on mobile phone [Solved/Closed]

I bought a second hand mobile phone but I don't know the original gmail and password registered with the phone. I can't open my YouTube and PlayStore. I want to make a new Gmail account in my mobile. I have my account. How to add my account in my mobile ? Please help!

Not able to play 3GP videos on SD card in Samsung Metro B313E [Solved]

I bought a new Samsung Metro B313E which is a feature phone. It is supposed to play videos too. I can record and play videos in its camcorder but I cannot play videos saved in an external SD card. After inserting the Memory Card (SD card) into it, I am just not able to play videos although audio files can easily be played. Tha... Read more

Facebook Errors when trying to enter 6 digit code to reset passw [Solved]

Hello, I am a social media manager and I have a client who has not used his buinesses Facebook page since 2012. I have tried to rest the password repeatedly, and when I enter what ever 6 digit code they send me, I either get a white screen of death, or an error that reads "sorry! We have to fix this" . It has been going on for a week.... Read more

Windows 7 stuck at Logging off

My computer is stucked at logging off how much I try to login I can't. Please help me.

Convert Tamil PDF document to Word [Solved]

Hello, how to convert a tamil font pdf file to word file with tamil font Still problem exists when i convert a word file the letter are not matching after changing into a bamini font,, kindly suggest further

Outlook Can Receive but not Send with Certain Wifi Networks [Solved]

Hello, I moved my PC to a new home and found that my Outlook can receive but not send when connected to the home's wifi. When I set up a hotspot on my phone the problem was solved. I found the same thing when I was traveling with my PC: at some hotels/friend's houses it would work, and at others not. Really appreciate any help. Syst... Read more

Toshiba Laptop make beep beep sound [Solved]

Hello,there is my Laptop.Its name Toshiba. Some times when I start its,it make beep beep sound conyinually.Some times it make just 3 beep sound. And its some button aren't working. W,F,UP,Right. Plz give me a solution.

Using attrib -h -r -s /s /d g:\*.* I could not wipe the attributes of my externa [Solved]

Hello, Following the advise in https://ccm.net/forum/affich-649922-attrib-command, I was not able to wipe the attributes of my files. Access was denied. Is there anything else I can do to regain control of my files. I have a DVD recorder that records in .MP4, but I can only access (see) the files from the recorder. My computer... Read more

GENX 600dpi scanner driver [Solved]

Hello, Am looking driver for GENX 600dpi scanner. Can you send me by mail or can you send me the link for downloading.