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Create a new Gmail account on mobile phone [Solved/Closed]

I bought a second hand mobile phone but I don't know the original gmail and password registered with the phone. I can't open my YouTube and PlayStore. I want to make a new Gmail account in my mobile. I have my account. How to add my account in my mobile ? Please help!

Keyboard wont type any letter twice [Solved/Closed]

Please, how can I fix my keyboard? It is "refusing" to type any letter twice, any backspace or anything twice. I have to do first something else on the keyboard, and only then type the same letter again. Please help me! Z

Root directory is full or has another unknown error

Hello, When I am trying to copy something from phone memory to SD card or from SD card to computer or vice versa the message shows up in red colour "the root directory is full or has another unknown errors" in my Vivo l55y device please help me to sort out this problem. Regarding photos and attached please find out. System Config... Read more

Laptop wont when unplugged

Hello, My Toshiba AMD A8 laptop turns off when unplugged. It was bought 4 years ago. It works fine while plugged up.


Get a new battery!


Does any company offer email without a mobile phone? I just want to use a laptop.


Um, google offers Gmail.

Can't access account [Solved]

Hello, I had turned on account key thinking it was a back-up for if you forgot you password, shortly after my phone service provider canceled my service and I lost access to the phone number. I thought I had setup a backup email but apparently not. Is there anyway to sign in to my account or am I boned? I know the password, just cant ... Read more

Facebook Errors when trying to enter 6 digit code to reset passw [Solved]

Hello, I am a social media manager and I have a client who has not used his buinesses Facebook page since 2012. I have tried to rest the password repeatedly, and when I enter what ever 6 digit code they send me, I either get a white screen of death, or an error that reads "sorry! We have to fix this" . It has been going on for a week.... Read more

How to delete a temporary profile in Windows 7. [Solved]

Hello, My Hp laptop has been showing pop ups showing that I am logged on with a temporary profile. How do I go about this problem because it keeps on creating for me a new desktop which is inconveniencing me a lot. I have even tried logging off as suggested but all in vain. Please help, thanks in advance.

Not able to play 3GP videos on SD card in Samsung Metro B313E [Solved]

I bought a new Samsung Metro B313E which is a feature phone. It is supposed to play videos too. I can record and play videos in its camcorder but I cannot play videos saved in an external SD card. After inserting the Memory Card (SD card) into it, I am just not able to play videos although audio files can easily be played. Tha... Read more

Is there another way?

I want to wipe my old dell laptop clean before I recycle it. I don't have a "repair my computer options" on the reboot screen. There are other options like "safe mode" etc. Is there another way to do this?

Getting paid for youtube videos

How to start getting pay when i upload video in YouTube

What is web 2.0?

I am a new website owner. I am trying to do my all SEO work. Someone tell me that- Do you know web2.0? I can not be answered his question.

How to download WhatsApp in Nokia Asha 302? [Solved]

Hello, i am facing a problem whatsapp do not run in my nokia asha 302 when i open whatsapp they show a message update whatsapp and retray so what can i do???please help me