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Is not bad if I xpress my Idea. Even Myself Im not good in English like a broken I write here!! Is not a wonder bcause in my Country usually we're speaking Swahili(Tanzania). But I have my own effort about to know how to use English effectivelly.

how do i remove window apps

Hello, i wanted to remove window media player and all the window apps, including window game. i am currently using window 7 on my computer right now.

problems in my laptop!!!!!!! help me pls!!!

Hello, i had compaq presario v3000 vista in-built os in my laptop.i gave my laptop to my friend to remove vista and asked him to put xp.. i dont know what drivers he installed. i cant use my touch sensitive keys(mute,volume keys) in my laptop.. if i use headset means,sound is coming both in headset as well as in loudspeaker.. and 1 mor... Read more

Music Downloads

喂, 出售的iTunes $ 50 $ 100 $ 200 $ 500 $ 1000记帐 出售PSN的$ 20 $ 50 $ 100 $ 150记帐 MobileMe的20GB的销售40GB的60GB的帐户 无限音乐,无限的电影,软件,享受下载。 质谱 Read more

Need Administrative privileges for my Vista

Hello, I need to add dll to my Arc document but I cannot because I need Administrator Privileges for my Vista. How to solve the problem?

how to install vlc media player in fedora 8

Hello, I have fedora 8 in my system. But I dont have internet connection. I am a new linux user.Can I install vlc media player here offline?? If so then how??please give me the needed links and commands..

always crashing

Hello, I have like 2 question to ask and needs help immediately (1)pls am using DELL LATITUDE C600,with windows xp 2005 service pack2 ands is always crashing and very slow,i format almost once a month pls is there any solution. (2)and pls can anyone teach me how to repair windows bcos i think its better to repair than formating always,i... Read more

Windows XP restart automatically

Hello, I have a MacBook running under Windows XP, I don't know what is the problem but since yesterday, when I turn on my laptop, waiting the windows system loading (logo windows XP loading), after that there's a blue screen appearing for one second and some writing (no time to read, too fast), then black screen and the laptop restart ... Read more

explorer.exe applocation

Hello, i have compaq v3000 series laptop .... when i want to print something with printer then show me that mesg explorer.exe-application error.. pls help me for resolv tht problem

please answer me!!

Hello, can i change my pazzword and email??? and how can i knew my email i forgit it..!! plz answer me..!! where can i found the website that can change my pazzword and email???

Explorer 7 does not show my website

Hello, My website does not show on Explorer 7, while it does on firefox and safari. My website was made on frontpage 2003 and it is being hosted by yahoo. It used to show fine on explorer previously. I am wondering if one of the secutity updates for explorer has srewed it up. Any help would be helpful. Thanks, Vic Read more


Hello, how 2 solve regsvr.exe problem at start up