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Retrieve a decade year old Yahoo account

Hello, There was an old website that I am registered to and wanted to "forgot password" to retrieve my account, it requires my current email address (a ymail) to send a reset password link. The reset password feature requires a code that was sent to my recovery email. Unfortunately, this recovery email address was already a decade ago ... Read more

Laptop keyboard not working [Solved]

Hello, J’ai un gros problème avec mon Ordinateur: soudainement son clavier a complètement pété les plombs. Plusieurs touches ne marchent carrément plus, sauf si pressées avec d’autres. Maj ne fonctionne plus non plus. Autre chose à noter: les touches du bas (wxcv) écrivent plusieurs caractères dans un ordre précis quand pressé. W donn... Read more

Unable to access yahoo email new device

Hello, I changed my phone. In doing so i lost access to both my yahoo email accounts. Each being the alternate recover email fir the other. Phone number has also changed. Unfortunately it suck because i know password and i am unable to access either account. This is critical to reaccess these accounts. please help me Valenciajames202... Read more

disabled ineligible [Solved]

Hello, Sit my facebook account is a my personal account.In this account my all friends and family members was added .So, reopen it my account . i apologist and kindly i request to you.

Cant Acsess my Mail. Its asking for phone numbers i dont have anymore

Hello there, I cant log in into my Yahoo Mail anymore. When i try to login, i put in my password. After that its asking me to secondary security check via mobile numbers. The problem is that i dont have these mobile numbers anymore... now i cant get into my account anymore :( what to do?!?! thank you!! Read more


i want recover my facebook id without mobile number and gmail id

Recover yahoo account with passwor

My problem is my yahoo account has been locked and I forget my password also. Please help me to get my yahoo account with password.

My account has been disabled [Solved]

Hello, Sir my real Facebook account has been disabled I have not done any violent activities through my account and i request u to please activate my account please and if you thinking i have done this type of any activities through my account then i am sorry for whatever i have done wrong please forgave me and give me one chance plea... Read more