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April 7, 2007
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April 30, 2019
"Pour trouver une solution à ses problèmes, il faut s'en donner la peine."

Merry Christmas! [Closed]

Hi everybody, I wish you a merry Christmas.Take care about you and your family. Be happy and have a nice evening. See you :) "Pour trouver une solution à ses problèmes, il faut s'en donner la peine."

New functionality for members

Hello everybody, Now it is possible for members to follow the new discussions of an other member of kioskea. You just have to go on the member's profile that you want to follow and to click on the green button "Follow". All the new discussions of the followed member will appear into "My messages" category. If someone follows you...

[News] Kioskea maintenance [Closed]

Hi all, A maintenance of the site is scheduled on Monday, April 30th 2012 around 5:30 am for a period of 2 hours at least. During this period, the kioskea website will be read only access and you will not able to write any messages. Thanks for your patience and your understanding. Regards "Pour trouv...