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No audio when streaming movies online [Solved]

Hello, Problem with audio. No sound when streaming movies online. No problem playing DVD through optic drive or iTunes music and YouTube video. Checked sound devise-Realtek HD and it shows that drive is working and speaker set in default settings. I have Window 7, Toshiba Satellite T215 laptop. Thank you. Read more

Fn key doesn't display [Solved]

Hello, I have a problem with the Fn keys of my acer aspire one D270. I've followed all the given instructions of the previous answers, and it displays the volume thingy. But I still got a problem viewing the connection of the wifi and bluetooth using the Fn Key (Fn + F3). Please help me. Thank you so much. And by the way, I am usin... Read more

wi-fi not connecting to the laptop

Hello, i have a dell inspiron 1440. since yesterday my wi-fi has stopped connecting. it works fine if i connect it to the modem with a cable. the pc and other laptop in my house are working just fine. can u please help? Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 535.7 Read more

Sending reported error (0x8004210B) in outlook [Solved]

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 24.0.1312.56 We are getting a error while sending a email form microsoft office outlook 2007 as below Task - Sending' reported error (0x8004210B) : 'The operation timed out waiting for a response from the sending (SMTP) server. If you continue to receive this messa... Read more

How to backup iPhone contacts to my computer? [Solved/Closed]

Hello sir, I would like to know how to create a backup copy of my iPhone contact list to my computer. I want to then be able to move the contacts to another iPhone. Thank you for your time and attention to the matter.

My computer won't show my ipod? [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I went to plug my ipod touch into my computer and it doesn't show up anywhere. It says it's charging and stuff but i can't get my photo's or music or anything on because it doesn't show up. I tried the menu thing but because i have the new one it just say voice control? HOW DO I FIX IT? thnks KT Configuration: Mac OS X / F... Read more

DHCP Client Service stop automatically

Hello, I am ashok... I have problem in my pc... My pc DHCP Service getting Stop automatically.... Then I need to start manually or need to restart the pc.... Can u help me to solve this problem Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 535.11 Read more

Acer Aspire 5830TG-6614 Won't Boot

Hello, I have an Acer Aspire 5830TG-6614. It was working perfectly until this morning when I would try to power it on and nothing would happen except the blue light on the power button would light up and that was it. I have seen the forums about installing the bios update via a formatted fat usb stick. I would like to try this wit... Read more

What do I do if my iTunes Store won't load? [Closed]

My iTunes store hasn't worked in like 2 months, which didn't bother me much until now, Yesterday I downloaded something new on to my iPod Touch and it restarted it, and now I can't download my songs on to it, Im desperate, Please help ):

Cant connect my second computer to the internet.

Hello, I am currently very wound up and confused because i cannot connect my second computer to the internet. Firstly ill give you some details on my situation and if you could offer any advice or help i would really appropriate it. I connect via power-line adapters as my WiFi naffed out one day randomly. My main Pc is windows 8 and my... Read more

Dell XPS laptop does not turn on at all

Hello, My dell XPS won't turn on after shutdown last night. When I press power button, I can hear the fan moving. But no LED's come on. DVD player works. I tried with just adapter, adapter and battery but no luck. There's just a single charging LED on when both battery and adapter are plugged I have tried removing the ba... Read more

Computer Crashed, can only transfer purchased [Solved]

Hello, So my computer crashed and I had to redownload itunes but when I plug my ipod into the computer it will only put purchased music onto the computer. When I tell it to sync it says it has to erase all my music. I don't know if there is a way to transfer all that music back to the computer or not? Any advise would help! Configu... Read more

How to Transfer Contacts from phone to comput

Hello, i have an LG Xenon phone and i need to know how to copy all my contacts from my phone and sync them into my computer, so that i can put them into Itunes and copy them into my ipod. all my contacts are saved on my SIM card, and i only know how to connect my memory card into my computer. please help!

Unfixable bootloop?

Hello, I need some help. My pc has this problem where it begins booting up by checking the "extended ram passed". Trouble is that after checking it, it immediately bootloops back to checking it again. I've replaced the ram..that didn't fix it. Tho it seems if i try to run with less than the 2gb it's used to it then gets through the chec... Read more

My accounts got switched

Hello, My Live IDs got switched when someone hacked my account. I have a account that I didnt make so I cant get into it. I dont know what to do, please help. Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 9.0