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October 14, 2008

sharing without adminitrative rights

Hello, how to enabling sharing without administrative rights. whenever a user on a domain is not given administrator permissions on a local computer he is unable to share folders. Moreover any previously shared folder is also disabled. Could you please suggest how to do the above. Read more

moving registry files to default location

Hello, I am using Windows XP sp2, I did a recovery, I thought I backed up my documents on a CD disc. and exported my favorites a CD,,,neither one was moved. Was reading how to recover them from the registry. I can get all the way to the files. When hitting modify. I do not know how or what to put to put them back to default location,,... Read more

continious short beeping when turning on pc

Hello, I've got a serious problem with my pc, while it is on window it restart its self, while booting up it says system i decided to reboot again.then nothings hapend it is not working.continous strange short beeping happening.its not usual beep ive heard,first time to enconter this trouble.its not video or memory problem pe... Read more

vmware problem

Hello, when i try to connect internet from vmware it cant.but i cn ping to vmware and from vmware i cn ping to my local nic, and default gateway..i configure vmnetwork dns and default any one help me to solve this problem?? thanks

my recycling bin's not working!

i left my computer on while i was away for about ten minutes, but when i returned, i found that my recycling bin icon was blurry, and when i clicked on it, a message popped up saying windows will shut down in less than a minute. so now i cant use my recycling bin and i don't know how to fix it. if anyone does, please help! Read more

connection of sata 160 GB hard disc drive

Hello, Hiiii my hard disk is sata 160 GB, Mother Board is AMD Athlon , my question is can we connect sata hard disk to my mother board, here the problem is no sata cable connection pin set in my mother board, only for segate hard disk bus connection pins is there, is there any connector or adopter available to connect segate bus... Read more

adobe flashplayer&internet explorer 8 issues

Hello, I have downloaded IE 8beta and cannot get adobe flashplayer to download.if i go onto adobe site to download it allows me to start downloading and then goes to error page .If i go onto my homepage it starts to open the page and then tells me "A malfunctioning or malicious add-on has caused Internet Explorer to close this webpage". ... Read more

redhat server 5

Hello, Sir, i am configure on linux redhat server version 5 i am configure on system dhcp , ftp , nfs , nds . so this probles the kickstart not configure on syystem

Sharing software

Hello, I have final cut pro on my computer - I got a copy from school. I graduated and can not get another copy. At times I edit at a mates house - but she does not have final cut pro - she has final cut express. Without having to buy the final cut pro application - is there a way I can copy my application and use it on her computer?... Read more

network wireless laptop to a desktop

Hello, i am trying to setup a network between my laptop and my desktop. my laptop has vista and has a wireless internet connection to a wireless router(netgear 54 mbps wirless adsl2+ modem router with 4 port 10/100 mbps switch) and my desktop has windows xp with the same internet connection but is connected via an ethernet cable to the ... Read more

choice of 2 PC for my little daughter

Hi, I'm getting a choice of 2 PC for my little daughter from a relative. She used to play light educational games. The first is a Celeron 697 MHz with 256 Mb RAM and built-in video card. The second is a Compaq P3 733 MHz with 512 M RAM and PCI 128 Mb graphics card. Please let know which to choose. Read more

only 3gb appearing on 4gb

Hello, ive just upgraded my pc with 4gb kingston memory but in windows vista i can only see 3gb appearing what is the matter? i dont think that one of the ram isnt good as its two modules of 2gb each and if one wasnt good then it would show only 2gb and not 3gb.. please help me in this issue? Read more