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Unidentified network [Closed]

I'm having a problem with my PC. It's that I can't connect to internet, there is a yellow icon on my network. I have tried many solutions. and still can't get connected, stays unidentified network. help me please. Read more

pendrive not recognized

Im having problem with this pendrive. there is no pc that recognize it. it make the sounds like it get recognized but when I go to my Pc its not there. even I, do some search pn the internet and I have already do everything i could. like going to disk management or device manager to see if i work but I couldnt make it. so I hope i c... Read more

laptop only goes to the Bios screen [Solved]

Please help. I have a laptop Asus, and everything was fine until my sister hit the laptop with her hand in the middle of the keyboard. Now my laptop only goes to the Bios screen and no matter what i try when it restart it goes there! Please help me, i have important things there! Sent from CCM Live forum for iPhone/iPad Read more

My laptop internet is quick but PS3 & xbox one internet is slow?

Hello, Two days ago I purchased a new router (Dualband Wireless N750 Modem Router, Model: DSL-2870B) the router works great and gives a strong wireless signal to my laptop and quick internet speed. Both my PS3 and xbox one which are in my room next to my laptop about 15 feet away from router they receives a 97-100% but the internet on... Read more