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Gmail forgot password

Hello, pls help regarding my account I cant accesst because I for got my pass word my gmail ***@***

Setting: wifi connection switch

Hello, My wifi connection switch (in the setting) cannot be turned on. When I click the switch it always 'off' whenever I click it. It sometimes happens when I restart/turn on the loptop. there is no switch on the loptop whatsoever but there is an indicator if the wireless connection is available to use(green light) but still the wirele... Read more

PC acting weird

Hello, A week ago my pc started to act weird, on startup the fan would make a very loud noise for a couple of minutes, whilst not being able to display anything on screen, after the noise passed I needed to reboot my PC and it would work fine. This happened for a couple of days without getting worse, but then everytime I started my P... Read more

iPod 5 won't turn on after listening to music

Hello, So I used my iPod and listened to some music and when I got home I decided to pause it first so I can eat. I pause it and put it in my bag. After eating, I get my iPod so I can use it and it didn't want to turn on at all. I went on this website to look for answers and everyone just says to hold the home button together with the ... Read more

Windows Script Host Can not find script file .. HP

Hello, I have upgraded to Windows 8.1. whenever I turned on my HP laptop, I get the error message on a "Windows Script Host" icon - "Can not find script file "C:\Windows\run.vbx". Please help! Thanks! Configuration: Windows / Chrome 43.0.2357.124 Read more

call of duty 4 multiplayer is not working properly

Hello, Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 49.0.2623.112my game is running well.when I click to join with servers.there show me awaiting join bt then the game close Automaticly.why its happening????

Mouse is blocking and automatically attacks the zoom

Hello, I have HP laptop and happens very often while Im working the mouse blocks and the zoom of page is reduced or increased, what can it be?

Adding Contact ID's to my Yahoo Messenger

Can anyone please tell me how to add Contact IDs to my Yahoo Messenger account? Thanks in advance. Thank you

Without connecting on a charger, I cannot turn on my laptop. [Solved]

My laptop has a condition that puzzled me a lot, which is that I sometimes (yes it's randomly and I couldn't find out the regulation) cannot turn it on without connecting on a charger even there's 100% power in the battery and the battery is operating really well. After turning it on, it works as a normal one even I pull off the charger. ... Read more

Question mark and apostrophe symbols

Hello, Question mark and apostrophe symbols are gone. for question mark I get ^^^^^ and for apostrophe, I get

steam-fatal error.

Hello, I have tried to launch my steam multiple times and it wouldnt connect to the internet, it gave me the option to run offline but that wasnt ideal for what I wanted to do. I then uninstalled steam and tried to reinstall it to see if that would help, but during the reinstallation it came up with this message "steam-fatal error. Steam ... Read more

Dell Inspiron N7110 screen went black

My Dell shut off last night while I was on the Internet. I was on Zillow and my screen went black. When it turned off, the fan came on and will not cut off. I've taken the battery out, unplugged it, and let the battery completely run out. Still will not turn back on. This laptop is only four years old. Help!

How large is my hotmail account's storage capacity [Solved]

Hello, How large is my hotmail account's storage capacity? Configuration: Windows Vista / Firefox 45.0


Hello, I need my Google account user name and password Configuration: iPhone / Mozilla Indeterminable

Never turn the audio off!

HELP!!!!!! A month or so ago I muted my speakers on the taskbaar icon and have not been able to turn them back on since. By now I figure I have the entire computer out of sync trying to fix the problem myself. Oh, did I forget to mention that I am almost computer illerate, but I'm trying to learn. I will appreciate any help. Pride p... Read more