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August 25, 2008

Can't type anything on HP laptop

Hello, As soon as I booted up my hp pav. laptop, I wasn't able to type anything. What should I do? Is there any control button I can push to cause the key board to be enabled?

i cannot access my account

Hello, sir, i forgot my password of gmail id & i dont remember the security question of this id.............. i think some one has taken my id...... my id is Please contect me through my secondry id


Hello, I have a lap top but no microsoft office. All my work that I do on the PC at work is not able to be done at home and it is driving me mad. I also downloaded open office but this is not compatible either and I am not allowed to download open office at work. Is there any way of accessing microsoft office free? Read more

Tracing the Ip address in the network

Hello, We are having a internet connection from the service provider and we shared it to all our apartment through a hub/switch. It seems someone is using torrent tools to download stuffs which is reducing the speed of the internet( i came to this conclusion because during the day time when all of us went out the internet speed is good, ... Read more

Google 404, Browser redirect,

Hello, i am having some major problems. Im running trial version of NIS and it won't let me update virus definitons. I know that i have spyware and adware, but i don't know what to use to get rid of it. Also before i would get on google and it would redirect me alot. Now WHen i try to get on to google or even type google it say's googl... Read more


Hello, I am looking for help trying to copy vidoe mp4 files onto a blank dvd to play in my Toshiba DVD Player, with multi format play back ( DVD,DVD/RW,DVD+R/+RW,CD.CD/RW,MP3,JPG). Can a DVD/CD ROM drives make this disc for me, or do I need some type of software such as Roxio? Thank you for all your help. Read more


Hello, Im Really stuck here So I restarted my computer by hand and the Windows did not shut down screen will just keep looping on me I dont know what to do Ive tryed all the first commands of the first screen I dont know what to do anymore somebody please help mee..( im really hoping that my hard drive did not crash on me, im kind of thi... Read more

COD 4 Won't work

Hello, Just been given COD 4 for xmas and when I try to play it a warning comes up saying something about "not being able to support the architecture!". I have downloaded the patch from Aspry Support page still no good. I have an imac with Leopard 10.5.4 can anybody help??!! Read more

minimum requirement is to use 512kbps

Hello, I'm planning to buy a new laptop and actually I'm planning to use a 512kpbs internet connection and I just wanted to know what the minimum requirement is to be able to use the 512kpbs internet connection?

Wireless --> Computer with network card >por

Hello, This is my situation. I have an XBox. I want to connect it to the WIRELESS Internet connection I use with my laptop. My laptop has both a wireless card and a network card that accepts a CAT5 (Ethernet) cable. Does anyone know of a way to bridge the wireless connection my laptop uses to connect to the Internet, with the Ether... Read more

one wifi pen for two computers?

Hey there ive just bought a wifi usb pen for me to be able to connect two computers and a friend told me that to be able to do that I should have two wifi pens is it true? Thanks for your support.

problem with windows update

Hello, just finished with windows updates and now my computer doesnt want to start il gives me a blue screen with some codes that im unable to read since the message rapidly disappears and then i get nothing on the screen. is the windows update that causes that? can someone help me please? Read more