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Outlook .ost is in use

Hello, After I have installed Office Suite Service, i tried to start Outlook 2007. But when i attempted to start it a pop-up box stating: Outlook .ost is in use Anyone have any suggestions how to repair ost? Any other information or advice?

VBA code for Inserting an Image

Hi guys, I am in an urgent need for a command or code to insert an image from any directory in my computer to a particular cell in Excel using VBA. For example, i have a .jpg file named ABK in my E:Drive and i want to get that pic to a cell A1 in Excel when it corresponds to the value ABK in cell B1. Your guidance is appreici... Read more

Unable to restore emails from .edb file [Closed]

I decided to migrate to a new Exchange server due to the crush of my old server. And now I am on the Exchange server 2010. But I understood (too late perhaps) that I need a several emails from an old multiple mailboxes. Unfortunately, the internal domain structure has changed..and my old .edb file and my new .edb file are not match (both ... Read more

Saving mails to a removable drive

Hello, I would like to know how I am able to save all the emails in my microsoft outlook to a removable drive. I tried exporting but it tells me that it is not loaded onto the system. Are emails stored on the hard drive. I have to get all the mails onto another computer with microsoft outlook, alternatively would like to back up onto an... Read more

Outlook 2010 not starting in normal mode, bt working in safemode

Hello, I m facing issue with outlook. my laptop is having w7 pro 64 bit & ms office home & business 2010. Outlook is not starting in normal mode, but I m able to use it in Safe mode. i repair ost file + I repair office. also I took latest windows updates and office updates, but still its not opening in normal mode. Only re-instal... Read more

digital id issue

Hello, hello sir am not sending any messages through outlook 2007 massages received but not sending . so one message highlight digital id pls sir help me and how could i do it .... plz help me my mail id ***@*** Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 47.0 Read more

Outlook 2007 cannot connect

Hello, I m Satish, Tried to setting outlook, but cannot connect, all trial email messages are pending in out box. I tried all your above suggestions, but till not working. Following message came when i click test account setting : "Outlook cannot connect to your incoming (POP3) email server. My outlook is 2007. Help me. Con... Read more

Oulook doesn't send emails, just receiving

Hello, tried all of the options you have posted here but the test message always cannot be send, feeling a bit desperate now already... maybe someone can help me :) I have a account Thanks a lot :) Jenny Configuration: Windows / Chrome 50.0.2661.87 Read more

Corrupted .dbx file

Hello, Is there any method to recover the corrupted .dbx file for OE? When I try to open the folder “Inbox” no messages are displayed except the error message. I think there is not enough disk space or memory. Thank you for the help. Configuration: Windows / Chrome 49.0.2623.87 Read more