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February 20, 2008

can't connect wireless internet [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have a HP Compad NC 8340, I used to able to connect wireless network from my house, somehow I can't do it anymore, and I went to my uncle house who has wireless network inetnet as well, I can' connnect his network either (I used to able to) but I can connect to inetnet via wire (for my house and my uncle house) on the wireless... Read more

automatically shutdown [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i play games such as rakion, warrock, cabal and etc. it automatically shutdown after few hours, some few minutes. can you help why this is happen? I read from this page that cleaning the CPU. can you teach me how to clean the cpu? thank you.. Computer: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz 2.99 GHZ, 1.00 GB o... Read more

Photoshop CS3 can't open files [Solved/Closed]

Hi everyone! I'm pretty new to this kind of site and forum and in desperate need of help... I edit images in Photoshop CS3, until last night every function performed beautifully... Here is my problem, step by step: I launch Photoshop CS3 successfully I click "File" I then click "Open" The open windows pops up for a sec but ... Read more

fifa street 3 [Solved]

Hello, I'm searching for Fifa street 3.. Is it out yet ? Any gamer can help ? Heard that it gonna be greeeattttt !!! cant wait!! fed up of fifa 2008 n pes ! lolz Cheers

fifa street 3 [Solved]

Hello, I'm searching for Fifa street 3.. Is it out yet ? Any gamer can help ? Heard that it gonna be greeeattttt !!! cant wait!! fed up of fifa 2008 n pes ! lolz Cheers

i can't download the newer version of msn mes [Solved]

Hello, i have a problem with my msn messenger i'm useing the old version of msn messeger becouse i can't install the newer version when i tired to install automaticily see "your computer has a newer version of windows live messenger than the one you are trying to install.To install an older version, first remove the current version and ... Read more

Video Editor needed [Solved]

helo everybody, well i have a simple problem and i need it from MAC experts. Which Software may i use as Video editor plz ?? I would really like to know how to edit videos !? Thanx all

Making calls from pc

Hello, I would like to make calls and receive calls from my working post ? but i would prefer to keep my actual phone number any suggestions?

Not able to open C Drive normally [Solved]

Hello, I'm not able to open the C drive normally. If I click the drive it open a open with dialogue page. If I use explore also I get the same thing. I can open it only with entering the C: in RUN or in the address bar. While scanning for virus I found out the checksum for explorer is changed. Now how do I fix the explorer? I'm usi... Read more

Firefox beta 3.04

Is all plugins and add ons compatible with this new version of firefox...i dont want to install it before im sure please help

Avoid formating and repairing windows

Hi, My little brother computer is freezing each time an application is open , surfing on internet is impossible it is getting blocked even when we are using Microsoft word. I have been install avast antivirus and after full scan of the whole System no virus has been detected. Want can be causing his computer to work slowly. ... Read more

Mixing software

Hello there im searching for a mixing software so as a i can make some mixes thanx

Problem wd yahoo [Solved]

Hello, i am using a id on yahoomail is am able to recive mail but unable to send is any one can help me....... am using daly ............

to find driver software for my lap

i want install an ethernet controller for my laptop,i can't find it ,please give me good idea to get the driver software for my laptop.

hidden folders DOESN'T OPEN

can't see hidden files ,registry technique also do not work, but no virus detected on avast 4.8 home edition , tell me what to do plz.................................................. mail me the answer

how do i get the best smtp free

am having a problem of smtp so i need some that will help me with the direction on where to get god one because is almost the best but is not working and again is good but i cant have access to create account there so i need help please any one that know what i can do help me. Godwin Read more

Messenger invaders

Hello, I want to know how people I don't know can log into my messenger on MSN and Yahoo both. I signed in one time and I was already signed in. Is this a virus or a worm? Help me please. Linda

pc problem

Hello, my pc starts up the windows splash screen appears 4 a second then goes to a screen giving me an option ton start in safe mode last working config and start windows normally/ ive tried all options but it loops back to same option screen wont load xp from cd ethier