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February 20, 2008

how to install a wireless connection???

Hello, im trying to use a wireless connection but as im not so well inform on how to install it can anyone tell me step by step how it can be done please;-)thank u for u kind reply

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can i play ps3 games on my pc???

Hello, i have got a lot of ps3 games free and i dont have one so is it possible to play them via my pc?????what should i do in order to do that??

cs3 photoshop not responding

Hello, hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaa,,,this is driving me nuts,my photoshop is not responding it says error each time and this is not the first time can anyone help me pppllllleaaaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeee

automatic updates

Hello, I was wondering if disabling automatic updates could affect my computer?

searching for best wresting game

Hello, im searching for some action with some wrestling why not???so i don't know the names well,i think it is smockdown????i'm not sure so u see the can you help me please in finding good wrestling games pleaseeeeeeeeeeee ;-)


Hello, Are there any differance beetween a 320 kbps song and a 128 kbps song?

anti virus

Hello, any good anti virus to recommand me?


Hello, is there anyone who feels like helping me to format my computer?

The new GTA in the Guiness book already ???

Hi ♥ , The game hasn't yet been released that everyone is saying that it is the most wanted game for the moment and maybe it will be in the Guiness Book for the game most sold... lol Is that true ? A friend told me that it was even in the tv news !!! ♥

sound card

Hello, my friend is starting to do music production , and he wanted to know what sound card he is gonna need?

soul kalibur [Solved]

Hello, hiya , anyone knows where i can find soul kalibur. i have been searching for it for ages , and am still searching for it ! any help would be appreaciated

internet explora or mozilla?

Hello, which one is the best between internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox?

networking with my printer

Hello, just got a new printer in my office , and i want to put it on network so as everybody can use the same printer at the office. is there anyone who can help me to sort out this problem .

Video Editor needed [Solved]

helo everybody, well i have a simple problem and i need it from MAC experts. Which Software may i use as Video editor plz ?? I would really like to know how to edit videos !? Thanx all

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MAC USers HeLP me

Im a Microsoft Windows User. Here's my worry, i want to learn photoshop n want to know if MAC will complicate my habits of windows ? Is it better to use MAC or Windows (Laptop) Thank you very much

Laptop VAIO

Hello, Which Sony VAIO laptop is the coolest of the moment plz?

is WinXP Reloaded the real name? [Solved]

Hello, Is Windows XP Reloaded this product's real name? Sounds good man!!! :)

Why knowing this is important?

Hello, Why is knowing about email viruses so important? Done that threads.. i forgot abt it.. Anybody knows??

Is there mentally unstable peepz here? [Solved/Closed]

Hi to everyone on KIOSKEA!!!!!!!!!!! I was looking at the most recent questions and their users. It looks as if there are people that are either trying to hack or introduce in others' pc and so on... Please don't abuse of internet and the kindness of KIOSKEA's members to answer to your questions... Some even don't hide their int...

I want a real man! [Solved]

Lol... humm.. The title makes you feel interested? Haha... No, in fact it's just that i notice that there are more men on this website than women... I want to know why??!!! Girls, lift up your voices!!