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February 20, 2008

My Facebook profile doesn't want to open [Solved/Closed]

Hello !! URGENT!!!!!!!!!! i'm not being able to join : !!! My ping reply is : time out !!! Is anybody out here facing the same problem ?? Is facebook server down or what?????System Configuration: Windows XP Firefox

New TV tuner card! [Solved]

Hello to everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm pretty excited. Just bought my first TV tuner card, but I have no idea on how to work it. I have the drivers installed, and I downloaded a free program called Blaze Media Pro and it is picking up the signal, but I can't seem to figure out how to just watch the TV on my computer...I'm pretty sure... Read more

Wireless (wifi) connexion troubleshoot

Hello all.. hey phoebe! how r you ? I have wireless connection but browser comes up with error my laptop doesn't want to connect to the internet even though I suposedly have a wireless connection I am running xp pro on it and I tried with IE. firefox and MSN messenger but still will not connect... I am able to disconnect the eithernet... Read more

nfs carbon [Solved]

Hello dudes, ive got an extensa laptop from acer ! ive just installed nfs carbon and fifa 2008 ! I cant even play both of them is this a graphic card trouble or ram unsufficient issue ? plsssssssssssss hellp

Good Racing/Driving Game? [Solved]

Hi, there! Anybody knows of any fun driving or racing games on PC that have come out lately? I have been consumed in FPS's (bioshock, COD4, Crysis) and feel like I need a break. ;-) I just bought a decent USB gamepad (clone of an Xbox360 controller), and want to give a fun driving or racing game a whirl. Any suggestions? Read more

About scaning virus in a flashdisk

Hello,how can i scan virus in my flash dissk without loosing other files


yea of course u can!

how to delete windows live messenger beta [Solved]

Hi can someone help me to remove windows life messenger beta fron my pc I just i dont want anymore on my pc nn thank you


Thanx michael i hope it works !!!

stor history tchatche msn

hello i tchatche with msn in my office and at home with other computer i search store my history in the web for see the last tchatche in different place thanks you

need help

Hi, I am currently adding an addin(in C#) to outlook. what should i do inorder to do some process when an inbox item is clicked. Am i supposed to write the code in some specific function. Thanks in advance.

Red Flagged emails-Vista OS. [Solved]

Using VISTA OS, I received a Red Flagged email. I wanted to Forward it on to someone else but without the Red Flag. I cannot get rid of it (the Red Flag), but using XP (Outlook Express) I can simply click onto it (the Red Flag) and it goes away. Why anyone would bother using a Red Flag in the first place is beyond me, but I accept that ... Read more