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xbox 360 can't not read game

So i put my skyrim game into the xbox and it went to the title menu of the game but when i selected my game and clicked load a pop up saying it could not read my game so i cleaned the disk yet it kept happening. Thinking it was the disk i replaced it yet it still happens. What do i do?

VLC I am not able to play mp4 [Closed]

hi . I am using vlc and i cant play mp4 files from it. i have already updated to yhe latest version and also installed some coddecs but still not able to play. any suggestions please.

Cannot connect with internet explorer

Hello, I have the old windows xp still. I have cox internet connected and computernshows a strong connection. How ever.... I click onto internet explorer and it pops up with a blank page. Says nothing. Has tool bar at top but thats all. WhT can i do? Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 48.0.2564.95 Read more

i forgotten my password

Hello, My name is i have forgotten my password i tried password helper and i still can't login in i do have a new cellphone and new cellphone number can some one please help me i really need to get into my account thank you Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 36.0.1985.135 Read more

PDF attached to email won't open

Hello, When I receive email with a PDF attachment, they do not have Adobe icon but do have the .pdf extension. If I try to open it, the Windows Media Center opens and the file is not accessible from there. I can only see it if I save it to Acrobat Reader. I am running Windows 7 with Outlook 2007 as my email on a Gateway laptop. Even com... Read more

pdf into excel

I saved my excel file as x but it was automatically saved as a pdf. I am using windows 10. The pdf is microsoft edge. I need it back as excel. Please help!

No Sound Device

Hello, Everyone, I Greet U All.Pls I'm Having Problem With My Sound Device.I Can't Hear Any Sound,neither Can I Play Any Audio Device.Pls Help Me.I'm Using Compaq With 1.70ghz Processor,windows Xp Pro. 2000.I'll Be Glad If Anyone Could Help.Thanks In Advance.

Facebook kicks me out.

Hello, As soon as I touch the Facebook icon, it opens for about 3 seconds and then kicks me back to the homepage of my tablet and phone. My wife is able to access it from her iPad device. I have not posted anything questionable. I need help. Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 47.0.2526.83 Read more

Connecting PC-VGA to HD TV-HDMI [Solved]

Hello, I bought a brand new tv - LG 50 inch Smart TV. There isnt a VGA port in the back, only HDMI. When i try and connect my laptop (pc) through VGA, using a VGA/HDMI converter i still dont get a signal. thoughts? Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 47.0.2526.106 Read more

headphone jack not working windows 7

Hello, my head phones work perfectly fine but when I plug them into my computer they don't work, I look under audio devices and they don't register so you'd assume it's the hardware, but they were working right before I went from windows 32 bit to 64 (pro) I tried to go to "device manager" and it says "nothing is wrong" despite only h... Read more

PC Shut Down Automatically & Restart Automatically

Hi There I have been facing an irritating problem with my PC. Here is the configuration of my pc Processor: Intel Pentium Dual 2 GHZ RAM: 2 GB 32 Bit operating system windows 7 Starter Problem: After I open my PC after 1 or2 mins it shut down automatically.Then It restarts and after 3 or 5 minutes It again automatically shut d... Read more