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webcam driver download [Solved]

Hello, i have a logitech webcam M/N: V-UD4 P/N: 861040-0000 S/N: LZA10117290 PLZ SEND ME A DRIVER LINK TO INSTALL IT ON WINDOWS VISTA THANKS

Nokia 2700 classic video player [Solved/Closed]

Hello,i want to download free video player for my phone nokia 2700 classic which can play almost all video file.please help me thanks

Total installed ram not usable. [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I am vinay. I have recently bought a dell studio 1555 with 4gb ram. But the total usable ram is only 2.96 gb and the ramaining is reserved. I want to use the whole 4gb ram. I have windows 7 and it shows that the total installed ram is 4gb but usable is only 2.96 gb. Please tell me how to use whole the ram? Read more

Power supply LED light on laptop is blinking [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have Toshiba Satellite laptop and it was working fine yesterday. I have plugged-in it with AC Adapter and the AC Adapter has the GREEN light. On front of the laptop, the power supply light (Blue LED) is blinking and the battery light is in RED. Nothing happens after pressing the Power button on the laptop. Thought of fault... Read more

Keyboard keys mixed up [Solved/Closed]

Hello, i got a new HP laptop. the problem is that when I press shift+2 i.e. the @ symbol...i get the " symbol. similarly when I press the shift +3 I get the £ symbol instead of the # symbol which comes only if I press something else. please help me ASAP. thanks& regardsSystem Configuration: Windows Vista Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

request time out

Hello, when i ping in our local area network in any pc. some time give reply but some time give request time out.andwhen sharch a share some time get share but some time get fail.when i get share sometime can coppy the share some time get access deided. who i can solve this problem . please instruction the way to solve the problem. Read more

Acer Asire one memory upgrade to 2 GB not wor [Closed]

Hello, I am trying to upgrade the memory in my Acer Aspire One ZG5 from 1 GB to 2.5 GB by putting a 2 GB memory card in. When I tried to boot it up, the screen remained blank and nothing happened. Question I have is whether 2GB is too big for it or did I get the wrong memory part for it (see below). The memory fitted like a glove. ... Read more

Connect nokia 5130 phone memory [Solved]

Hello, can anyone tell me how can i connect nokia 5130's phone memory with my pc to scan it. actually there's a lot of virus in my phone memory but dont know to connect it with pc. can any person kindly solve my problem???Configuration: Windows XP Firefox 3.5.3

my laptop enter key is not functioning [Closed]

Hello, the Enter key on my laptop is not responding and I ve not been able to work over a week. which key or combination key can I use ti serve the purpose of enter key.

external hardrive no longer works on any comp

Hello, My Seagate external hard drive is no longer working on any computer. I have alot of data that I do no want to loose, please help. Tokelau

nokia pc suite problems [Solved]

Hello, i am not able connect my nokia 2700 thru usb cable . I also installed nokia pc suite but it shows no response from host in mobile. pls help...

when i open local disk c opens my documents [Solved]

Hello, i Need a help.. when i clickto open C or D disk it opens My Documents, can you help me pleasE?

insert a disk into drive G:' [Solved/Closed]

Hello, when I attach the pen drive to through USB port , so it detected my PC , but when I try to access it it show only 1 message 'Please insert a disk into drive G:'

Disable my facebook account

Hello, I went to sign into my facebook and it says account has been disabled. it wont let me on it, and it wont let me make a new one because ive already used my email addresss for this one thats been disabled. how do i enable it so i can get on it again?