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Downgrad from 7 to XP

I have a laptop run windows XP professional with many full program installed and i upgraded to Windows 7 Ultmate so i want to roll back to windows XP, I just heard that we can do it to windows XP, but i never tried. If we can do, what is the way? will all previose programe installed on XP will be come back? Regard,

Please help me with my WD HDD

Hi, I've lost my WD hdd for about 5 months and haven't open it since it lost... i found it now but the problem is when i insert my hdd to my computer it appear as (local disk f:) but when i open it? its empty (even i reveal all the hidden folders nor type the files at the url box to search, it won't appear) i check its properties but t... Read more

Folder Sharing

Hello friends, I want to share a folder, B on LAN. This folder is in another folder, A which is encrypted. Pls suggest me that How to do it? Regards Gn Jha

Pen drive not detected in Windows 7 [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have 8GB pendrive. When I insert it into my laptop, its property shows it is fully used. But, it is a new one and I am using if for first time. If I try to past some files, it tells location can't, found try again. Finally I found that Windows 7 in my laptop can't access the disk. But, it is working fine in other laptops. ... Read more