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November 7, 2018
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November 13, 2018

Facebook Security Codes tried to many times

Hello, When the security codes I put in it tells me that I have tried to many times try again later. And I have only tried the one time that it was sent to me. How can I get this fixed? I have locked out of my Facebook account for 4days. System Configuration: iPhone / Safari 604.1 Read more

Cant reset password due to feature block,

My galaxy phone has two different email accounts attached to it. First there is a Yahoo account, which is attached to my main Facebook profile that I've been using for years. The second one is a Gmail account, which is attached to a throwaway account that I only used for a very brief period of time back in 2009. After seeing that I was... Read more

Locked out of my Facebook says tried to many times

Hello, Locked out of Facebook when. I got my code it locked me outside saying I tried to many times and it did it after the 2nd attemp System Configuration: Android / Chrome 66.0.3359.126

Facebook entered too many codes

Hello, Plzzzzzzzz guys help me i have tried entering too many codes account kaise log in hoga plzzzz help me System Configuration: Android / Chrome 67.0.3396.87

Facebook account entered code too many times [Closed]

Hello, I havent been able to access my fb account for the past month. I've tried resetting pw. When I enter the 6 digit code that is emailed, I get a message that says I've entered it too many times even on the first try. I've gone weeks between attempts and get the same message. I never received a notice of any violations. I've had the... Read more