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Unable to access [Closed]

Hello, I just went on vacation where I did not have wifi. I came back and now whenever I try to get on the internet and it says limited access. I downloaded COMODO firewall before that but I had no problem then. The other computers on the network have no problem. Computer info below: Windows:Windows 7 Router: Netgear Type: Ac... Read more

Win7 and XP Mshome network inquiry

Hello, I was able to see the XP network due to the great tips on the forum esp the changing the encryption however iIstill have a dilemna...sort of!! I now have my normal XP MSHome network with 5 boxes still okay but a new network I see in my Xp boxes called.. 'Unknown'. The win7 laptop is there okay and it seems I can access ev... Read more

File Sharing

Hello, My operating system is windows 7 on my laptop... im trying to get a file off a laptop running windows ME. i havent a clue on how to do this... can anyone lend me a hand? please and thank you! Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 534.7

Connecting to wireless router

Hello, I recently installed a wireless router for my family, so they can use their laptops in other parts of the house. I connected it to the main computer that has a broadband connection. When I tried to connect my notebook to the internet, I chose a new network. Now, only my laptop can use the wireless connection. I can't figure... Read more

Netgear connection

Hello, i have the neatgear wireless router but for some reason i keep loosing the wireless connection even thru my wii i have tried to reset and brighthouse is no help i cant keep calling my brother in law to come over any advice wld be great! Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

secure my internet

Hello, I'm trying to secure my internet, received emails stating I'm downloading illegally which I am not, I know my internet has been comprimised, however on the linksys page I want to use the drop down button from "disabled" to WPA2 but it doesnt allow me to do this. I was wondering if I upgrade my firmware if that will allow me to c... Read more

Internet Explorer has stopped working

Hello, My name is Yolanda V. my internet explorer has stopped working and I cannot stay on. Everytime I open it closes it self out. Message giving is, internet stopped working, a problem caused the program to stop working correctly windows will close. my cable company "Comcast" said it was not at their end. What can I do? Please He... Read more

network adapter

Hello, everytime i open my pc, i can't connect to the internet i have to uninstall reinstall the network adapter for me to get connected, and i have to do this everytime. please help me! ~Rusty Configuration: Windows 7

See the router but won't connect to internet

Hello, I have a problem with my Dell PC Windows XP SP2. It can see the router using wireless usb but can't connect to the internet. It just stays on authenticating. It also does not work wired hence me thinking it is a PC issue. I have a phone, ipod and laptop which can all connect to it fine. It is driving me mad! Please hel... Read more

Internet explorer keep shutting down [Solved]

Hello, Internet explorer keep shutting down My internet explorer keep shutting down after being on for about 15 minutes and then a prompt comes up saying "Internet is stopping" and then another comes up saying "Internet is restarting"... What could I do to fix he problem? Configuration: Windows... Configuration: Windows XP / In... Read more

Internet connection

Hello, my laptop is connected to a computer through a router and we have wireless internet. My laptop all of a sudden says its connected to the internet but wont let me get on the internet. When i click diagnose connection problems it says 'windows did not find any problems with this computer's network connection.' What is that all about?... Read more

How to connect 2 computers with same IP addre

Hello, Dear, i have a Cable Net Connection, and my IP is asign only in my computer means it can be run only my PC, now i wana work on my LAPTOP and connect to internet, so tell me how can i use same IP Address in my is assign to only my PC................ kindly tel me is it possible. thanks A.B. Ansari Read more

Network adapter did not work

Hello, I have a D-link xtreme G+ DWL-G520+ network adapter S/N B80U23C007466, H/ ver:A2,File Ver:1.0.11 Fcc=Ka2DWLG520plus when i install sofware file ver: 1.0.02,but it will not work what do i do? my os is windows XP sp3.. dissplay:network controler didn't drivers... Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 7.0 Read more

laptop won't connect to home wireless network

I just bought a TP Link wireless router for my home desk top computer and everything works fine.I tried to connect to the wireless network through my laptop and it won't let me and a message keeps popping up whenever I try connect saying to "refresh my networks and the network i'm trying to connect to is out of range" but its weird becaus... Read more