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help with multi media player

Hello, Ive got a Aqua Plus multi media player that i recently Bought. After deleting some files,music etc,I plugged it back into Tv,and now tv saying no Media Files found at all. can anyone help Thanks config>Windows XP / Internet Read more

i Pod not syncing

Hello, i have got i pod classic 120 gb and it is not syncing properly only half the songs are going into the i Pod.There was an antivirus scan went on when i synced my i pod after that my i pod is not responding properly.Please help! Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.6.27 Read more

hcl me touchpad driver [Solved]

Hello, I am using a hcl me xite m 2025 laptop, but the driver seems to be an outdated to me. when I checked in device manager I found the to be of december, 2010. this driver has various problem, like, if I want to select a whole line in horizontally on any ms word or on any browser, I can select till my finger reach the end of the mouse ... Read more

laptop / pic probs

Hi I have had a problem with my toshiba laptop.. all of a sudden it will not download any pics. I have bought a new camera and all devices are ok but when plugged in nothing comes up to start me downloading.. I have popped the card also into the laptop and that does not work either. Used wire and usb from camera to computer and that does ... Read more

bluetooth between my cell and laptop

Hello, i have a dell inspiron n5010 and sony ericson k530i cellphone. i want to share file between them using bluetooth. i have a bluetooth icon on the laptop but it has a red cross against it and on right clicking it, there is no "enable" option.It shows a "disable" option. please help. my laptop detects my phone but not vice vers... Read more

After installing Windows 7 in screen got wide

Hello, i installed windows 7 Home Premium in my laptop. After the installation my laptop screen becomes wider than usual even if i enter in normal mode. I changed the resolution to maximum, but still its not like before as it was.. How to make it normal? Can anyone help me out?

Recovery of Factory Default Software Problem

Hello, I made a very stupid mistake of not looking at the Quick installation guide when starting up my new Toshiba Satellite L750/0LM Notebook. Whilst it was going through the recovery of the Factory Default Software I turned off the computer as I was unsure what the factory settings were. Now when Recovering the Factory Default setti... Read more

Bizarre problems with Itunes, need help [Closed]

Hello, I recently had my laptop stolen and I am using another computer to work with my ipod. However, when I downloaded Itunes onto this computer, I had the usual problem of being threatened with having all of my music deleted from my Ipod because of the sync. I know there is ways around that but then there is another weird proble... Read more


Hello my ipodtouch won't open when i unplugged it....but i can open it when it's charging and i tried connecting it the laptop but it's not detected...can u pls help me...thanx...i got my itouch only for a month..pls help..thanx Configuration: Windows 7 / Safari 535.11 Read more

Samsungf480i phone memory recovery

Hello, how can I recover my deleted folders from phone memory samsung f480i ? I saved my notes in drafts then moved them to my folders.Then I saved my new notes in drafts and when I opened my folders, they were empty. Thanks in advance.

Cursor hover problem

Hello, I did not know how to add my comment to a sollution for the mouse/cursor hover problem. Would like to join all the other is thanking the solver. This was the only site that helped, I was going nuts trying to find the source of the problem. Many thanks Peter Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 9.0.1 Read more

Toshiba factory settings

Hello, I have a Tobshiba Satellite lap top but I do not have the disk to reset my computor back to factory settings. My lap top is not new. Could you please help me. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

facebook not login

Hello, facebook not login please slove urgently Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 535.11

Cannot read any message in my Hotmail Account [Solved/Closed]

Hello, For the last two or three weeks I have not been able to check and read any e-mails in my Hotmail and Yahoo account.. I can see that there are new e-mails in my Inbox but I can not read them, open them, delete them.. whenever I am trying to do something in Hotmail Inbox it seems it just downloads something which will never end.... Read more

Cant connect to internet

Hello, Im looking to switch computers out and I completely switch my windows xp and put in my windows 7 and when i plug in my either net cable it wont connect to the internet and wont connect to the network. please help?

problems after window updates

Hello, after I download windows updates.. I have ie9 running windows 7.. my comuter runs very slow,... cannot display webpage or ...cannot connect to the internet. Before I did the downloads it ran fine, other than the updates nothing changed..I have not downloded anything, no other updates for any other programs, nothing. I have a... Read more

ACER with windows vista and grey screen

Hello, I have an acer computer with windows vista and when I restarted the computer I get a black screen with cursor. When I tried to use the recovery disk for the computer I got a black screen. Please Help!!

Plz help in retrieving my folder

Hello, i have a very important folder in recycle bin of my vista desktop and i am using xp and vista both on my system. But now my vista shows that its deactivated and needs product key. The product key i m entering is not valid now. So, i can reinstall vista. But problem is , how can i recover that particular folder without going to ... Read more