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how to install itunes

Hello, helo, i've got a new ipodtouch but i cant install itunes whenever i download it it says it successfully download and just few more steps before i can use it but i cant install it. tanx

Toshiba NB100 Black screen [Solved/Closed]

Hello, My Toshiba NB100 (windows xp) suddenly has blue screen. I restart the laptop, it's power and battery lights are on, and the fan is working. But the screen is black, nothing display. I have restarted few times but same result?Is the processor and window work or what's the caused and how to solve? Thanks Configuration: Wi... Read more

hook my phont to my wi-fi through a den-wirel

Hello, trying to hook my phont to my wi-fi through a den-wireless Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0

My laptop blue screen

hi, I was on YouTube on my laptop and then is suddenly went to a blue screen so I unplugged the battery And then plugged it back in about two minutes after it happened as I didn't know what it was and now my laptop won't turn on whenever I try to turn it on it gives me the option to start up normally or a recovery system which neit... Read more


Hello, Configuration: Windows XP / Firefox 4.0Hi,i have a compaq 610 laptop on windows xp but the problem is that my lappy is not shutdown when i am turn off plz help me how can i able to shut it down n tell what type of problem is this n how it is generate. Read more

Power Cords

Hello, I was wondering if it was possible to use the power cord from a Dell Latitude E6410 to start up/charge an HP Pavilion dv6? If anyone could advise that would be greatly appreciated. Joe

Windows 7 Home Premium Spanish to English

Hello, I want to change Windows] 7 Home Premium Language from Spanish to English. Please resolve this with me. Thanks [/contents/win/winintro.php3

Sony vaio screen black

Hello, I have a VGN-NW130D and the screen is black right from the start. I took out the battery and put it back in and i was able to get it to start but as i was updating the software the computer froze and i get the black screen again. CAn anyone advise what the issue is please? Thank you Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 3.... Read more

EYE 312

Hello, I have a genius eye 312 and i lost the cd to install it does anyone has an idea on how to install it without the cd thank you Configuration: Windows Vista / Safari 534.13

Laptop Black screen with cursor

Hello, I was on YouTube and then my laptop had a blue screen suddenly so I unplugged the battery and then put it back in a couple minutes later and it stops inbetween login and start up or a black screen with a cursor and it's been doing th is for months what do I do please help

Connection problem-strange plz help

Hello, I've got a quite unusual problem with my internet connection.Believe it or not I'm writing to you using my computer and my browser.The real problem is that programs that try to connect to the internet say that they can't find the connection.Same goes for some sites and some downloads.If u have any ideas plz tell me what to do.I'v... Read more

New router, older computer

Hello, my old Linksys router got wet so I had to purchase a new one which was of course the new model. I tried to set up the new router last night but it didn't work. It was not "finding my windows certificate"? I have Windows XP. Any suggestions? thanks! Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 8.0 Read more

Dell D610 Laptop turned off while plugged in.

Hello, my Dell D610 Laptop shut off on it's own and then it would not turn back on. I always keep it on a desk and have it plugged into the power supply. The battery is only a year old. I check to make sure the laptop is plugged in and press the power button but nothing happens. No lights. The strangest part is even the power supply ... Read more

Toshiba black screen won't start [Solved/Closed]

Heyy, please help!! Okay, so here's the thing, my Toshiba Satellite A305 has been giving me a really hard time lately. First of all, it's been shutting down unexpectedly before (and I'm pretty it's because it overheats), but now, it won't even start! When I power it up, it only shows the TOSHIBA screen with the F2 and F12 options, b... Read more

Vista is slow and prone to freezing up

Hello, I am using Acer aspire 4930. It has a Nvidia GeForce 9300 GS 256mb video card and 2 GB ram. I replaced the RAM when it started to fail about 2 to 3 months ago. The laptp have started to freeze quite a lot after I dropped it last year in sep or october. Also if i use some application it would take forever to load and sometimes a... Read more

computer hanging during gameplay

Hello, MY computer hangs wheneva i am playing any games on my pc jus got got a new computer bfore this i had a Pentium4 HT e din have any problems with gameplay but this 1 has the specs r as follows 1.5 MB RAM 80GB hard disk core2duo 2.80 ghz 32bit the gamez that r hanging on this pc din hang on my P4 and no i din have any 3d ca... Read more

problem in downloaing pc suite for sigmatel s

Hello, Where and how can I download free pc suite for sigmatel s90i mobile

buy it :)

blue screen

Hello, Configuration: Linux / Firefox 3.0.14When i open windows xp it shows me a blue screen with some strange symbols . Can anyone help please