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Recovered file cannot be opened

Hello, One of my file in the external drive was missing (I think because I detached the drive without closing the file I was working on by accident) and when I recovered it using a download software, the file cannot be opened. It states the file is corrupted or part of it is missing. Please help. The file has important research data.... Read more

How to unhide particular folder from my Seagate external HDD [Solved]

Hello Sir/Madam, I have some problem regarding my external hard drive. I am using 1TB capacity drive. On that 700 GB is used space & 300 GB is Empty. When i select hard disc properties (it is shows that 700 GB is used space & 300 GB is Empty). But when i selecting all folders (in Hard drive) for checking its properties then i... Read more

hidden system folders visible [Solved]

Hello, I'm facing with sth strange here,and as always it's's sth that makes the hidden system folders visible,I go to my external hard and the system folders show up and it really bothers me cuz I'm really neat in keeping my music archive in discipline and well organized,but now... I customize my folders,change their thumbn... Read more