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not opening my face book account

Hello, sir, my face book account not opening. i dont know why please help me out and solve my problem and open my account.

My personal Facebook account disabled

Hello, Sir Actually got small a little mistake from me, then my Facebook account was disabled. I have been waiting for 1 year. But my account is not opening yet, can you help me with something…? Thank you

Change old number that cannot go that security confirmation

Hello, I need help, because the problem is anything I do it always route me to do the security vode that will be sent to my number. The thing is there is no other options and that number is old and cannot be recovered. I've tried logging in using email and so on with the id verification but everything leads me back to that sending of ... Read more

How to Create Nokia Windows account

I have been trying to create Nokia windows account with no success. Please I need your help. Thank you.

passer de win 7 à win 10 sur un vieux PC

Hello, Hello, comme les M à J de Win7 se sont arrêtées le 14 janvier 2020 je me vois obligée de passer à Win 10, j'ai vu avec joie un article CCM qui disait que je peux l'obtenir gratuitement , heureusement pour moi ! mais Win 7 était déjà installé sur le PC HP quand je l 'ai acheté en mars 2012, j'espère que ça ne posera... Read more

personal id disable

Hello sir.. I am md Easin mia.when my account disable then Facebook information me. submit my identity then I uploaded my identity or and my profile information Then Facebook unlock my account.. But still have this problem i can't login my Facebook..Please help me unblock my account. because I have some business paper in my account.. ... Read more

YouTube on Nokia 2700

I'm unable to watch YouTube videos on my Nokia 2700. Some years before I could watch. But now I'm unable. I think it is the problem of Streaming Settings. Please provide me the proper settings.

Problem with selecting channel in Timer On

Hi, I have been trying to set the Timer On function of my TV, but the place were I can select the channel I want to come on is grayed out. I am currently using Dish TV has my satellite provider. The TV does come on at the time it is set to come on, but all I get is a screen saver. I have it set to HDMI 2. I can't use the TV functio... Read more

pretending disabled

Hello, my id pretending disbale i submitted documents and they reply me Hi, Thanks for your report. We'd like to help you, but first can you reply to us with a brief description of the issue you're experiencing? Can you also confirm with us that you're the owner of the Facebook account you referenced in this request? Once... Read more

Help me my account

Hello, Sir i. Tried to login to my Facebook account but Facebook says the email you entered is wrong but i wrote the right number so what can i do to get back my account

My account has disabled

Hello, Sir my account has been disabled and it seems you entered a wrong email or number when i am reporting appeal please help me

Can't remember my password for my WD My Passport

Hi, When I started to read one of the posts about the people not remember their password for their WD My Passport external hard drive, I said to myself... oh great, they are saying that there are solutions and that I do not have to panic. But after reading the post, I am starting to panic. If I understand correctly, I have to erase... Read more