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Populate data from a column in one worksheet to a cell in multiple other sheets

In a workbook, I want to be able to copy all the cells in column B of sheet "Raw Data" into multiple copies of an existing template sheet corresponding to each value. (note: not all cells have values). Column B in the "Raw Data" sheet has about 800 cells/values. I want the workbook to be able to: 1. Pick up the 1st value from colum... Read more

My phone doesnot switch on

my Nokia 1 has been showing "NOKIA" on screen and does not continue to reboot, there is also no welcome tone. it has been doing that for the past 5 hours. at first it notified me that there is lack of space and I tried to restart it that was when it could not restart

Easy to use software photo retouch/edit for amateur use with professional result [Solved]

Hello guys, what easy to use software to photo retouch and edit for amateur use with professional results can you suggest me to try? Both on Windows OS and Android With easy to use I mean to click one button and then adjust the blur background, smooth, acne, teeth whitening, eye brightening etc, without selecting the interested are... Read more

Adding a program to default menu for photos

Changed computers to a new Windows 10 HP laptop. Had Windows 10 on the other computer (but was an upgrade from Windows 7). I downloaded the photo program that I like to use from the internet. However, the new computer does not "see" that program when I try to make it my default photo viewer/program. I can't figure out how to remed... Read more

Lost my data from the folder lock app in my android mobile

Hello, Unfortunatly my folder lock app was upgrde and now i can't see my previous locked photos from that app.but still it seems folders name and how much i saved the photos.but no any photos to open.please help to recovery my photos again my mobile. Thank you Chathu

Facebook login

I recently switched phone carriers. I've tried logging into my Facebook with the codes they sent me. It says you tried too many codes. Also the new phone number that I got from sprint brings up the person's Facebook profile that recently had my new phone number.

back up and restore wechat messages

can back up and restore my wechat conversations from my samsung android phone to my pc. when I open the file, it is in unreadable code and I am not finding the correct code to open in a readable format. what step am I missing?

snaps get blurry after posting [Solved]

Hello, Sorry to bother, but I need help and I know it’s been a while since you asked that question, but I would like to know if you ever got to fix your problem. You said your snaps got blurry only when you posted them and i’ve been experiencing the same problem. If you were able to fix it, can you please tell me how you fixed it. Read more

Facebook [Solved]

Hello, My Facebook login approval has not been received. How to recover the login approval code?

My Facebook account is hacked and my email is changed

Hello, Please I need help, my Facebook is hacked and my email is changed. I can't access my account and the hackers are sending messages to my friends requesting money. I can't even log in my account. Please help!!! Read more