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Easy to use software photo retouch/edit for amateur use with professional result [Solved]

Hello guys, what easy to use software to photo retouch and edit for amateur use with professional results can you suggest me to try? Both on Windows OS and Android With easy to use I mean to click one button and then adjust the blur background, smooth, acne, teeth whitening, eye brightening etc, without selecting the interested are... Read more

Disable id

Hello, My account is disable when I submit my national id card the they reply me Hi তিস্তা, It doesn't look like we can help you with the problem you're having from here. We're sorry for the inconvenience. To find answers and support for common questions and issues, please visit the Help Center: https://www.facebook.co... Read more

Help me please!!! about my Yahoo account [Solved]

GoodDay!!! I know my yahoo account, the email and password but I have no longger access to my number because it lost a few years ago so that i can't recieve the verification code. my main problem here is that number is only back up number for my Yahoo Account. What will I do? I hope you can help me. Thankyou. "We've noticed some u... Read more

Disabled Facebook Account [Solved]

Hello, Why this fb is disable idont know ithink my partner cheat on me

Security codes

I have an iPhone XR and an iPad. I thought maybe my FB account was being hacked (which it wasn’t) but I logged out of all my devices. Now I can’t get back in I am supposed to have gotten a six digit code on my phone but I never get it. I also verified pictures of five of my friends. Then they ask for the security code on my phone that I... Read more

Your account has been disabled [Solved]

Hello, dear sir. my account has been disable i don't know how is disable I purchase uc on pubg mobile so after 10 mints automatic my FACEBOOK account has disable so .sir can you advice me how to open my facebbok account is oldest since 2009 i sued Thanks Regards Mansoor Memon Read more

How to get trash folder on my Outlook menu

Hello, I have 2 gmail accounts. The first account I added to Outlook worked fine. But when I added the second one it did not have a "Trash" folder. How do I get the Trash folder on my Outlook menu? Read more

Does anyone know how to take the audio from a running video, and add it to your [Solved/Closed]

Working on a project in which I need to take the audio from some videos. Anyone knows the best way to do it?

Recover old chats [Solved]

Hello, I recently had my Android phone stolen and bought myself an IPhone now. When setting up Whatsapp (same number as before) I only had the option to restore from iCloud. Now that it's all set up none of my old chats are there. Have I lost my old data or is there a way to still recover it? Thank you in advance! Best J Read more

Windows stuck on wallpaper

Hello, I was trying to install a custom theme on my windows xp professional i dont knw what happen and all my icons vanish+taskbar

AYUDA LINUX [Solved/Closed]

Hola, Estaba instalando linux cuestion que al terminar de instalarlo saco el pendrive que tenia linuxmint, reinicio y me sale el mensaje de “ Reboot and Select proper Boot device”. He intentado varias cosas rn google que he encontrado pero nada me ha servido. Por favor necesito ayuda porque me dice como que no tengo sistema operativo,... Read more

Yahoo account was hacked and they changed my password

I have had a Yahoo account and Yahoo email for close to 20 years. Yesterday, I contacted what I thought was technical support to help me set up Outlook 365 to see my Yahoo mail. He turned out to be a hacker. I was very suspicious so as soon as he finished, I changed my Yahoo password. Today, it seems I can see my email in Outlook, but... Read more

Pictures Messenger don't load automatically

Hello, For over a month now I've been having trouble with pictures in Messenger. When someone sends me a picture, it doesn't load (not even if I wait more than long enough). It does however, when I fully close the app and restart it, but next picture they send, same problem. Can't seem to find anyone online with the same issue.. I... Read more

Facebook account is disabled as a security precaution [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I cant logged in to my account due to this :- We'll get in touch with you after we've reviewed your photo. You'll now be logged out of Facebook as a security precaution. I dont know why this thing happen to me request to resolve the issues at the earliest System Configuration: Android / Chrome 59.0.3071.125 Read more