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August 19, 2008

pls help

Hello, Eversince I formatted my computer all the sounds whether it is a movie or a song sounds like chipmunks.. The enhancements on my media player is set to normal.. If I go to a site where I can listen to music or watch a movie it still sounds like chipmunks.. Please help me solve this problem.. I can't enjoy listening to music and ... Read more

cantlogg into my computer please please help!

Hello,Hello, i have a problem when i start my computer it starts then u know there is a thing there u write ur password to come into ur computer i dont have any password so i press ok then it says something starting up loading or something i forgott then it comes again to the password i must write my pass but i dont have one so i press... Read more

AVG removed local disk(D:)

Hello, AVG removed the local disc from my computer while scanning this morning, now i have no (D:) drive showing in my computer, but it is showing in device manager, can anyone help please

guitare hero 3 question

Hello, i was wondering if anyone knew if i could plug in my xbox 360 guitar for guitar hero 3 on my pc and play GH3?

hp pavilion dv 2000

hii half of my lap top is showing black in color and i didnt even do anything to it i tried following your adivice on how to paste it on a tv and all but still appears to be the same plz if anyone has an idea on how to fix it

I cant get my songs to my mp3 player [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I cant get my songs from itunes to my mp3 player or get the full songs. I got them from rhapsody(i kno its not a good site. I only used it cuz I got a coupon) and one song I got was listed as only 1:20 long in my file. I dont have an ipod its a Phillips mp3 player and no matter what I try I cant get the songs from itunes to my m... Read more

computer stopped working, help

Hello,I use the computer at work for nesting objects to be cut out using the CNC process. Work is very dusty and the computer is constantly on, when i went to the computer this morning the tower was off and wouldnt turn on, the fuse in the plug is fine but the fan to the power supply has seized, the inside of the tower is lagged with dust... Read more

Vista Desktop Items Not Shown at Startup

Hi Friends, I had a Dell Laptop with windows Vista Installed. When ever I start my windows vista. It boots perfect and shows the login screen. After Login My screen is blank. I cant see any of my desktop items. I have start my Task manager and start the explorer using the new task option. thanks SP Read more

i cant send emails

Hello, i can not send any emails to any of my friends when i go to send somthing it says to solve the puzzel and there is no puzzel to solve any way why is this happing

No wuauclt.exe file on windows XP Prof sp2

Hello, I did not find wuauclt.exe file on all clients that have windows XP Prof sp2. Then The clients do not appear on wsus consule. But for other clients is no problem. Please help me to solve this problem. Thanks, NS

WDElements 1TB External Drive Issues [Solved]

Hello, Thank you in advance for your assistance. I am trying to connect a WDElements external hard drive to a Windows XP SP3 system. My symptoms: When I connect the drive, it recognizes the drive and indicates that the drive is ready to use When I connect the drive, My Computer locks up and I am not able to see the drive connecte... Read more

Vista Blue Screen of death

Hello, My Girlfriend has a Laptop that runs on vista, and it seems to be giving her the blue screen of death. my computer had the same problem earlier this year, but my computer runs off XP. and i never really learned how to fix it either way. I was wondering if anyone could list and possible ways to fix this problem on either XP or v... Read more

cant see anything before restart

Hey there, Encounting some problems with my pc those days. Sometimes when I switch it on I would get only the green light on but the red would not and nothing on the screen. I have to switch it off manually and then restarting it again and then the problem is solved anyone can help me? Read more


Hello, I have actually some problems with my keyboard. Whenever I will type a letter A it will show a V and this is the case with many characters. Anyone can tell me what shall I do?

how to write bootable XP cd? [Solved]

Hello, just ask why my bootable cd that I burn is not working,but when my PC is start its says on the screen open the file, I mean is its auto play..can you give me some advice or teach me what to do. thx