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Saving Papers [Solved]

Hello Everyone, I hope someone could help... I have list of Check Numbers on Column A and Their Amount on Column B and it runs on almost a thousand of Pages. what I am doing, to save papers on my printouts is cutting the content of Column A & B of page 2 and Paste it on column C & D of page 1. And, Cutting the content of Col... Read more

Comparing Column Values [Solved]

I am trying to compare two columns to see if they carry the same values - column A has 556 values (starling at line 3), and column B has 69 values (starting at line 3)- I want to see if the values in column B match the values in Column A; I used the following formula but it does not seem to work: =VLOOKUP($A3,$B$3:$B$69,2,FALSE) ... Read more