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November 18, 2008

NOD32 definition updates manually [Closed]

Hello, hi guys, please can anyone tell me how to download nod32 defination updates files manually. i tried download updates, but it just downloads some updates, but I want to use these updates offline. So where I can find these updates?? Any kind of help appriciated... Thank you....please reply

file conversion message [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I use Microsoft Outlook 2003 for my emails. I cannot open any attachment that comes as a Microsoft Word document. I get the message "File Conversion" select the encoding that makes your document readable. Nothing works to allow the documents to open, though. I end up sending it to another computer and opening it their with no p... Read more

my address bar disappeared, want it back [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I accidentaly eliminated my address bar. I am using windows XT and Firefox browser. Can you help me? Thanks, in any event

database connect and retrieve in c# [Solved]

Hello, I am ilayaraja doing my project work,i have one problem my project doing in but I don't know how to connect the database in using c# and how to retrieve in database to web application . please give the answer my question, urgently. Read more

In windows 7 64 bit cscz not working

Hello, In compaq presario v6500 lap in installed trial windows 7 64 bit .... all the 64 bit vista driver get installed correctly ..... cscz getting installed but when i run the game it give fatal error "Available memory less than 15mb!!!!"......cs 1.6 is working but graphics is very bed. Read more

Browsing inernet through PC using iPhone GPRS [Solved]

Hello,i have apple iPhone and Airtel GPRS connection but I want to access using this GPRS connection how to do it? Is any special software/hardware required for it.I have data cable to connect it to computer.please help Please I ha

nokia 6030

Hello, my nokia 6030 does not support pc suit 7.1 nokia 6030 support CA-45 data cable how can i connect internet to the pc through nokia 6030 pls help me

how to connect T 636 mobile to pc internet [Solved]

Hello, i have tecno T 636 mobile phone and i want to connect it to my pc for free internet browsing. kindly assist me by sending me a guidlines to this. thanksConfiguration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

excel macro to copy cell content highlighted

Hello, I am trying write a macro assigned to a button that copies the content of a cell into highlighted cells. Please can anyone suggest a solution thx Manny

QT ogre integretion

Hello, How to integrate ogre to QT? I need help really fast thanx

geniune windows validation

My screen shows "your system may be at risk, you may be a victim of software counterfeiting; this copy of windows did not pass geniune windows validation." everytime on the bottom right. there is nothing on purpose done,how would it uninstalled ths; Thanks regar... Read more

userform for importing sheet from one excel

Hello, I want to create a user form in MS excel that will prompt the user for the file name. Once the user browses the file name it should copy the sheet 2 or any other into the sheet 1 of the target file (where the userform resides) Please help me with this - if possible send me a sample workbook with the userform Regards Ujo Read more

Unable to uninstall AVG Anti-Virus free 8.0 [Solved/Closed]

Hello, so I just installed this new AVG Anti-Virus free edition 8.0 thinking it would actually work. Well, after I installed it I then did the scan and everything seemed to go smoothly. Then, after about a minute a pop-up says WARNING there is an attack on your computer. At first, I tried the activate now (block attack), but apparently... Read more

avast antivirus

Hello, i have avast 4.7 home edition on my laptop but i cant update.what should i do.

driver for dv4 pavilion entertainment 1318 tu

Hello, plz tell me sir , how to search and download driver for my dv4 paviloin entertainment -1318 tu for getting good video and sound

Can't install flash player on mac

Hello, I was successfully running flash player 9, and since sites kept telling me to upgrade to 10, I tried. I followed all of the suggestions, I uninstalled 9, downloaded 10...seemed fine until I tried to install 10. I double clicked on the icon and it flashed impotently and that's as far as I've gotten. Now I'm really stuck because I... Read more