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Driver for Canon Printer LBP 2900 to run under Window 7 Ultimate

Hello, Do anybody have the driver for the Canon printer LBP2900 to run under Window 7 Ultimate, thank you. regards, desmond beh Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 44.0.2403.125

Canon ip2770 prints green instead of black [Closed]

Hello, I had a new full Black cartridge, my color cartridge is like 5% only. I tried Print Settings > Greyscale = still printing green I tried Devices and Printers > Printer Preferences > Maintenance > Ink Cartridge Settings and chose Black Only = still printing green Configuration: Windows 7 / Firefox 37.0 Read more

Canon BJC 85 portable printer

Is it possible to run a canon printer BJC85 older version under windows 7. It is an olderprinter only does black and has had little use. I want to use it with my Sony Vaio laptop but Windows wont let me install the driver

Proxy Server settings for HP EPrint Webservice [Solved]

I'm trying to set up the proxy server settings for an HP Printer. Automatic discovery is not working, so I'm using Manual. I am connecting by Wifi and have put in the standard as the server. The Port number is given in Printer devices as Port CN55FFK1KF, but the Port in network setup only accepts numbers, so I have no net... Read more

Laptop Slow [Solved]

I have hp 8440p with 4gb main memory and intelcore i5 processor. My laptop runs very slow. Any suggestions to make it fast.

How to increase download speed of utorrent on windows xp?

Hello, sir I have adsl internet connection. From other browser when I download with internet download manager download speed is 200kbps but when I try to download with utorrent the download speed is only 15 - 20kbps. What should I do sir please if you have something conclusion please tell about it. I am trying to download New latest mo... Read more

Toshiba Satellite Touch pad Isn't working

Hello,My laptop touch pad isn't working,My cousin gave it me but it's not brand new though it's still new when I'm watching her playing in this laptop I saw that it's touch pad is still working,When we got home and done giving me her laptop I opened this and refreshed it by F5 but then now it's not working I've researched about it and tho... Read more

VGA installer

Hello, Where can I install VGA for my Acer Mimic (U3E1)? My unit was reformatted and would not connect to a projector because the VGA was uninstalled. Thanks Configuration: Windows 7 / Chrome 43.0.2357.134

laptop shuts down

Hello, i have a dell latitude 6420 with window 8.1 laptop shuts down on closing the lid and no keyboard back lights. i have tried the power button changes and all. didn't work Configuration: Windows / Firefox 39.0

software for HP deskjet 10450J 410

Hello, my software for HP deskjet 10450J 410 has corrupted. If anyone has the software please let me know, or please forward a link from where I can download the software. If anyone knows whether the software for Deskjet 1050 J 410a will also work for my model. Thanks. Configuration: Windows XP / Chrome 43.0.2357.130 Read more

recover all skype pictures

i have deleted my skype pictures from skype gallary and recycle bin what i do how i get back them

Printing Problem

Printing Problem Windows 7 Home Premium SP1, HP InkJet 845c Running MS Office Excel 2000 Have 46 Columns width 50 Attempting to print Col A & B, 22 Rows Col A & C, 22 Rows using the Format Hide Col B per page. Continuing this scenario for the other 43 Cols. When I get to the 10th page the Printer will not print the rest of ... Read more