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March 22, 2009

Data Box

Hello, I had to abandon my Gateway desktop because the motherboard and processor no longer work. I now have a laptop and would like to know if the data in the old computer could be retrieved and loaded into the laptop and how can this be done? Thanks G I S

GTA IV too slow [Solved/Closed]

Hello all, Well I'm wondering why's GTA IV so slow for me. I'm running it on Windows Vista Ultimate, on a AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ (3.0Ghz), with 3GB of Ram, and I have an Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT (512 Mb). I know it is recommended to have a 8600GT, but still, it is a 512MB video card. I even runs slow when having 800x600 and eveything ... Read more