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August 19, 2008

Hard Drive says it's full but it's Not [Closed]

Hello, I'm using Windows XP on a HP Pavilion Laptop. My computer had a virus that went away when I erased the HD putting it back to it's original state. This was the advice of the Geek Squad. My problem now is I cannot load the data back on the HD because it says it is almost full. I should be able to put the saved info back on the com... Read more

vista business key please? [Closed]

Hello, guys may i have a activation key for business vista.bought my laptop with vista basic and my friend gave me an origional business upgrade cd and i installed it needs me to activate it

ethernet driver

Hello, hi i am dilip i want to know where do i find ethernet driver for free i could not find it any where pls help me.........

repormating hp desktop

Hello, I wish taht you could help regarding my query about on how to reformat a desktop computer (hp windows xp) back to its factory setting. I know this is simple in your part but difficult for me. I am hoping for your kind and consideration. Many thanks, jhoe.. Read more

Creating Table of Contents in Excel

Hello, I have been trying to create a table of contents in Excel, by using a macro. It doesn't work, then I tried using a non VBA on the first sheet, but it keeps giving me the error #Name?. Could some one give me a code to creat a Table of Contents on the first sheet that will update as I add or delete sheets. Thanks Sam Read more

no boot up no display

Hello, i inserted a new dial up modem and restarted the system after logon it hang up then i restarted it this time nothing came on the display there is power on mother board the processor is alo working it seems the system is trying to bootup but nothing comes on display it shows no signal and goes to stand bye. i cleaned my ram ... Read more

pc shuts down after running command processor

Hello, Can someone help me to solve my problem with my pc. My pc shuts down after running command processor. Your response will help. Thanks

virus software

Hello, just asking whenever an antivirus software will put a virus on quarantined mode and afterwards i just uninstall the software will the virus be again a threat for me?

Thumbs.vbs missing

Hello, everytime i start my computer, always get this message C:/thumbs.vbs missing... i manage to quarantine the vbs.solow virus on symantec, but can't cleaned it. anyone can help?

Screen on and off

Hello, I have a desktop Dell and everytime i am playing a game my screenn keep on turning on and off and sometimes it freezes. Can you tell me whats the problem. If someone could help me would have been fine. Thank you Regards Gills Read more

screen saver gone wrong

Hello, my computer recently started to do that with me. whenever the screen saver starts up it will give me an error message that windows encountered an error and needs to close. ive been through the help files on windows but still cant find any help could you suggest me something please? thank you Read more

my computer just shows the wall paper

i need help i dont know what to do hen i start my computer it just shows my wallpaper. no start menu no icons no explorer.maybe the work of malware. i ran the mrt.exe found some malware same problem. maybe a virus? if anyone knows what i can do i would appreciate it.