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August 4, 2008

Acer Monitor blinking on off switch.

Hello, I have an Acer monitor hooked up to my Dell 1505E laptop computer so I can have a larger screen. The monitor used to come on as soon as I turned the laptop on. After using this system for about six months, the monitor on off switch started to blink. The monitor would take three to five minutes to come on. Now the monitor is ... Read more

myy friendster ans password is been hacked

Hello, pleas help me my friendster and password is been hacked...please please please

pendrive not open

Hello, hi am babu ,kingstone pendrive not open suddenly why?

not having video software to play games

hi....... i have a big problem that i cant play any games on my pc ...bcoz i dont have a video software dat is used to play the games (3d accelerator driver)

Western Digital External Hard Drive

I recently got a Western Digital external hard drive which is 320 GB big. I backed up my files and what not. Now there are some stuff I don't need so I wanted to delete them and open up some more space. When I click delete on the WD sync program on what I want to delete, it just crosses the file out and it doesn't go away. The file is st... Read more

Reset Pasword

Hello, Hello i lost my yahoo and hotmail paswords and even secret question please guide me to any software or tools to get back my ids

my hidden files are not unhidden [Solved]

Hello, am gaurav .am facing problem since last few days,the problem is that i have some hidden files in one of my drive,but those hidden files are now not unhidden.i tried to unhidden those files by clicking the tools tab and then folder options and then clicking the show hidden files.i know this problem occurs due to viruses,but i do... Read more

Laptop won't boot after bios upgrade [Solved/Closed]

I have an HP Pavilion dv9000 series computer. While performing the HP Health Check, it was recommended that I upgrade the existing bios. After downloading, the computer shutdown but upon reboot, computer would not boot up. Instead, I received one long beep and two short beeps. The computer worked fine before bios upgrade. Is there a ... Read more

1394 connection instead of local area connect

Hello, Hi I hope you can help me. the other day my daughter changed the video mode on the computer and so we couldnt get the desktop anymore, dont know what she did. Anyway so we reinstalled windows xp which is great so now we have the desktop back but now we need all the drivers for the ethernet, multimedia, bus controller and video con... Read more


Hello, My computer restart automatically pl solve my problem

how to make lan..... [Solved]

Hello, pls tell me how to make a lan connection between my laptop n home pc....... both computers has xp os and when i connect the lan cable between the computers in bpth it comes as no or limited connectivity...... pls tell me how to takle out this problem and also tell me how to play games via lan Read more

excel with macros

Hello, how to equal the two excel sheets column fiends with using macro for Ex:my excelsheet1 had "date" column and my excelsheet2 had "date" column both sheets have a same "date" columns how to equal these two sheets with using macros please past send to me Read more


Hello, i need help.there is something wrong with my is shot.i can't enter windowxp.suddently it turn out blue screen.there is nothing i can do about it.could you tell me how to solve it?do i need to reinstall new system?if it really needs.then how to do it?just buy a window xp software?can someone tell me how to install it ?i... Read more

dvd player will not autorun

Hello, my dvd player is a pioneer DVD -RWDVR-K15RA. When I put a disc in, regarless if its a cd or a dvd, it will boot up, but the it stops. It will not autoplay. However when I go into my E drive, I can play it that way. How can I get it to autoplay??? I have tired everything I can think of but it still wont autoplay. I have tired seve... Read more

An Internal Application error has occured [Solved]

Hello, I have Problem with Windows media player. When I double click/run windows media player, it don't run and a message display"Ana internal Application error has occured". I have PowerDVD player in that I can open application but when I starts media file error display with some error code. I have tried instruction in microsoft... Read more