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turn off webcam [Solved/Closed]

Hello,I just got a dell 1nspiron 1525 and I want to use my own web cam. I have disabled the built in cam and removed the driver, but it keeps repairing itself.How can I permanently disable it? Thanks in advance, Peter

NOD32_v3 Updation

Hello, I have NOD anti virus . My problem is that i want to update regularly its virus definition with latest one in a offline mode . But i cannot findout any site that fully resolve my problem. I tried a lot of from other bloggers .Can anyone help me .if do so iam veri thankful to u. Read more

Not reading data discs

Hello, My Packard Bell pc uses the Mashita DVDRW 9 (D:). I am suddenly having trouble with reading data discs. They appear to be being seen as blank discs, but they open OK on another pc. No problems reading audio or DVD (film) discs. The pc is around eighteen months old but the drive itself has had relatively little use. Help! Read more

Open iTunes

Hello, I,m trying to open my iTunes folder but keep getting" file iTunes library cannot be read because it was created by a newer version of iTunes". Please advise. Many thanks

portable drive shown as a local drive

Hello, I'm not really shure wheter it is a problem or not but i have a strange situation concerning my 250 gig Iomega eGo portable drive. A short while ago it suddely appeared as Local Drive E: and denied my acces (not shure what the errer was) After that I farmatted the hard drive and it is now working again, however it is still... Read more

Dual Monitor drivers

Hello, I have a dual monitor setup. A samsung 2333SW widescreen LCD and an old CRT. I did the dxdiag in the run menu and was looking at my settings when i noticed that my primary display, the samsung, was listed as "Monitor : Generic PnP Monitor" and my old CRT was listed as "Monitor : SyncMaster 2333SW." It's under the device descript... Read more

vista to xp HP pavilion dv7

Hello, i have a pavilion dv7 with Vista 64-bit o/s how can i set up a two portion boot one with vista and one with xp

microsoft website does not open in my laptop

Hello, sir i request to my laptop only one problem and problem is website not open and other all site open pls solution required pls. windows xp