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April 15, 2008

more on internet sharing

Hello, ok, so my plan is to take my wireless laptop (mac book) and run a cable from it to my ps3 to get my ps3 online. is this at all possible and if it is what software would i need?

Booting Problem [Solved]

Hello, I am using AMIBIOS KOBIAN p4 m 266 Mother Board, INtel Celeron (r) cpu, 1.7 Ghz, whenever i will power on my machine, monitor focus some error : Novell Netware Ready Fireware V1.00 (940810) (copy right 1991-1994 Novell Inc, All rights Reserved. and then Searching for BOot Record form SCSI not found, Boot Failure, Insert B... Read more

Sound problem with virus [Solved/Closed]

Hi I got a virus on my system and my anti virus does not detect the virus when am doing the scan.And now I am not getting sound and when I put an audio cd and try to play it..The program does not respond I have to end the process through task manager. What do you think should I do ? Read more

WindowsFormsParking Window - hpqtra08.exe

1. My Hewlett Packard all in one C6180 was working fine until I "washed" the blank spots on my hard drive. (I'll never do that again!) 2. First, an error message (See paragraph 4 below) came up. I could see it involved my printer. Then, fatal error 1304 came up as I was reinstalling application with the CD. (I first unstalled the ... Read more

searching for good strategic games

Hello, i am fan of strategical games and as i have recently bought a new generation pc i'm searching for the best games.can someone help me?i will be grateful to you....;-]

can't connect to internet explorer

Hello,my problem is that recently i have face speed slow down on internet explorer and now i can't access internet explorer.this problem is really annoying me so could you please help me to solve this troubleshoot.thanks a lot

cant tun on my sound

Hello, hey i cant seem to be able to turn on my sound at all i cant see it on the bottom of my screen to turn it on i even tryed going through control panel but it doesnt seem to work on ther either all i did was turn off the laptop before hand the internet wasnt workin it now is but sound isn't what can i do to fix it?? Read more

Avg mail scanning

Hi, I have installed Avg antivirus since last week and i would like the antivirus to scan my incoming e-mails from outlook also i don't really know how to manipulate that can someone help me.

vista not responding

Hello, i have downloaded vista recently and i have install it on my pc but when i try it the program is not workin can you tell me what should be done please

Problem with Wifi

Hello, I am not receiving my Wifi signal anymore , i have check with my configuration everything is ok . what can bethe cause of this issue?

I can connect to the internet but not router [Solved/Closed]

Hello, I have a netgear wireless router CG814WG that is hardwired to my PC. I am connected to the internet and can surf to my hearts content. The problem arises when I try to connect to my router so I can set up the wireless network. every time I go to this is all I get. (I Use Firefox 3...only) Connection Interrupted Th... Read more

help to retrive my password

Hello, can anyone help me.ive got a yahoo e-mail account . but my wife has changed the password and wont tell me . ive tryed every thing to get into my account,shes even changed the security can i get into it to get my inportant messages! please help

Mother Board problem

Please help my dear friends, I have Intel 81845 GV mother board. It has more problem that is No display monitor, Hardisk is not deduct and CD ROM also not deduct whennever i remove the Hardisk or CD ROM Bus card cable, hard disk is running but not come BIOS and monitor display. hard disk led and Power led is Falshing more long time. no b... Read more