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Problems booting after removing partition

Hello, This is my first time posting so I'd like to say: I'm Dave, and I'm an idiot. Let me explain. I had a dual-boot for Windows XP and Linux, using Ubuntu. I found that I wanted to remove Linux, so I stupidly removed the partition. Now, the grub bootloader comes up when I startup and is looking for the partition that I removed... Read more

How to run shell script [Solved]

Hello, I am writing simple shell script in Ubuntu linux. $ vi sayH echo "Your first name please:" read fname echo "Hello $fname, Lets be friend!" How to execute and Run in linux?? please usuggest me. Regards, Basu Read more

How to use WHILE loop to do processin in BASH

Hello, I am stuck with coding a solution. Here is what I am trying to do. Input file looks like this: Rock - Franz Ferdinand - single - Do You Want To - 3:55 - 235 secs Rock - Ani DiFranco - Reprieve - Millenium Theater - 3:14 - 194 secs Rock - Enter The Haggis - Soapbox Heroes - New Monthly Flavour - 3:23 - 203 secs My WHIL... Read more

script shell

Hello, I want to know how to put a directorie in the path variable thank you


Hello, i want a free a cd of red hat linux new version delivered at my address

hello sir i want a free linux cd

Hello, sir can u send me a free Linux or Ubuntu cd

vertical bar with rm

Hello, 1. I want to remove everything except test dirctory, why the following command don't work: ls |grep -v test |rm -fr 2. According to manual, vertical bar get current program result and add it into the last position of next command, how to make the result into mid of next command, is there any auto variable can use? Read more

shell script

Hello, hi i want to know how to write a script to copy a file from one machine to other machine. like if i am having a file as blue.txt and i want it to copy in to other machine by using shell script. please help me, and reply me asap.

please help me answer the shell script

Hello, this is my question about shell script 1. Write a script that asking for a filename using read command. If the file exist, list number of words and number of line of text in the file. 2. Modify the above script so that the filename is given as parameter. (for example the script can be run as “countwordnline myfile”) 3. W... Read more


Hello, Hello, i want to dvd of red hat linux os

how can get linux cd [Solved]

Hello, sar i need alinux cd plz post my addres

can not find this answer to this question

Hello, Ok I am having trouble answering this2. What would you type at a command prompt to execute a program called sampleprog in your current directory if the current directory is not in your path statement?

I Want to move ZIP into current date folder

Hello, I would like to copy or move my zip file into the current dated folder in same run. I have these code with me. echo "" echo "Enter OUTPUT_ZIP (eg. dft, dft1, dft2,...ban01, ban02, ban03)" read op_name echo "" mkdir Sent/`date +%d-%m-%Y` tar -cf tab_$op_name.tar tab_* ................................................... Read more

copy some line in linux using command only

Hello, can u tell me how to copy a particular line from a file to another file using command thank u

Linux GUI client for Windows XP [Solved]

Hello, My name is Ahmad. I wanna access LINUX machine from my Windows XP machine and want to have a gui client for this purpose. Any pointer or reference.. Pls let me know. Thanks Ahmad

Looping in linux

Hello, I am seeing an issue while creating the loop in linux. The script needs to verify the file in one location. if it's present then the process should be wait, if it's not present in the location, the process can start.. Could you please let me know about this issue? My observations are given below, I tried, this if [ -... Read more