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November 5, 2008

Monitor display turned upside down [Solved/Closed]

Hey there, I'm having an acute problem concerning my monitor. The display has turned upside down and I don't know how to set it the right way. Can you please help me coz it's very disturbing! Hope to hear from you soon...System Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0 Read more

Help me out please as soon as possible

Hello, i bought kaspersky internet security 2009 i can install it , but cannot active or open main window for kaspersky sky antivirus its like only keep files in drive c or in programme files i can see Kaspersky internet security 2009 is installed but cannot work properly please help me out as soon as possible , my customer is crying tha... Read more

unable to open the downloads

Hello, I have macbook os. I have downloaded the PDFCreator-0_9_7_setup.exe How to run it and start working. Click on the icon leads to applications. I have not been able figure out as to which application to choose. I am new user of Mac. I was earlier using windowsXP. I have similar problem with the downloaded BarahaSetup-8.0.exe the... Read more

my computer checksum error

Hello, My computer has a problem of CMOS checksum error,default loaded..The BIOS ca not read the drives.I already tried replacing cmos battery but still same error occur during the IDE cable did not solve the problem.I did shorting the pins to clear CMOS but still problem exist.I tried an... Read more

dvd-rom reading some but not new one

Hello,I have the new dvd-rom Sims2 double deluxe.My pc having trouble reading it for installation. No trouble others,for example The Sims, Cultures,Theme Hospital etc. Get message (not responding).Have tried a few times. Once it did read after numerous attempts, and it started to install, but it kept saying could not read certain item it ... Read more

laptop wont start to windows

Hello, for a while now my laptop will only randomlly start up when I ask it to. When I press the power it will start the fan and come to the point where the screen is about to turn on. but fails. my laptop then keeps restarting itself and keeps trying to turn itself on properly. It seems to help if I wait a while between trying (perhaps... Read more

Hardrive Reading Problems

Hello, My old Toshiba smoked up. Bought a new computer, took old hardrive out, I bought the hardware to read old hardrive, it won't boot up. I need the info on the old hardrive. Thank you

anti-virus not notifying threat

Hello, I lend a friend my pen drive to use. When he put it in his pc, he noticed a virus. I do have a virus protection program but it did not notify me. Why is this so? Is there any problem with my anti-virus? Thanks

wireless keyboard not working

Hi, Some months ago I've purchased a packard bell 9205RF wireless keyboard and now it has stopped working, I can't understand what to do. Should I just throw it away? Thank you in advance!Configuration: Windows XP Internet Explorer 6.0

Graphics problems on windows vista

Hi everybody, My pc's graphic card seems to be missing something and i would be very grateful if anyone could help me in that issue. Last time I installed my drivers for NVidia chipset and all was ok but after the reboot the driver disappears. I have an asus motherboard. Any help? Read more

ativa keyboard-gateway laptop--vista

Hello, We have a year old Gateway laptop that is running Vista. I input a lot of numbers in excel and picked up a cheap Ativa usb keyboard to make typing easier. It works no problem, but now the laptop's keyboard no longer types the proper characters, whether the ativa keyboard is plugged in to a port or not. For example: this sentenc... Read more