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Asus laptop 97% Not charging & turns off when power is unplugged

Hello, I v got my ASUS X550L laptop 2 months ago. Today I noticed that when the power adapter is plugged, the battery indicator blinks. I tried to turn on the laptop while the power is unplugged. But it didn't started. After I plugged in the power adapter and turned on, it started. But when I checked the battery levels, it said 97% av... Read more

Recycle Bin Cannot Empty ! [Solved]

Hello Everyone, I Tried To Empty My Recycle Bin But The Files Are Going Back ! Maybe It Cause By Viruses ! , What Should I Do?

can't get Chrome to work on my windows vista 64bit PC

Hello, Updates on Samsung galaxy s 3 will no longer support windows media player to sync music to my sd card on phone. This has worked for a year as I have 40 cd's on already. This week an update made it Impossible for media player to recognize the kies and Verizon updates for the computer. Samsung says have to install Firefox or Chrome... Read more

ACER Aspire One - Power Problem

Hi all, This is what happened. The other day my computer just went off. I have noticed that these past few days it just went off on its own so I thought maybe there was a cord problem and the battery just went dead. It did survive functioning till the other day. It went dead, screen went blank and it doesn't turning on. I've read some ... Read more

Windows Installer upgrade [Solved]

Using XP-SP3 (32 bit). Experiencing trouble installing software for a new HP scanner. EMC Captiva Cloud Service is installed by the new software but there is an error message that it does not start. Four hours on the phone with HP without success. Random investigation on my own indicates that Windows Installer is V3.01 but XP-SP3 su... Read more

Unable to Install windows XP over windows 7

from john: Hello, I just wanna guys out there. coz ive faced same problem as you got... Heres the step on how you can install xp on pre installed win 7. First. On the Setup of your bios. Choose the ATA instead of AHCI on the SATA configuration.. then now apply the changes. then insert your cd on the cd rom. make sure you have chos... Read more

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4 GB USB Drive no longer functioning [Solved]

I've used this drive on my Window 7 machine as well as my XP machine (both laptops) without a problem for years. I carry it on my keychain and I use it to transfer files for printing since I don't own a printer. The flash drive doesn't show up now. When I first plugged it in it did react as it normally does blue light flickered , request... Read more


I have a hp laptop running windows xp. the laptop doesn't have a hdmi port. I bought a vg/hdmi adaptor and connected it to my new lg plasma and when I try to connect to hdmi it says I have no signal. I'm pretty sure it's connected properly but it still doesn't work. any solution's?

My Laptop has a black screen and can't get into Desktop and more

My laptop Aspire 5749-6863 can not get into Desktop and Start Menu when I tried to uninstalled a program which was not I need. When I log in with password, the screen takes a flash and continues booting about 1 or 2 minutes, then the screen becomes black. I Ctr+Alt+Del to Task menu and can go to Desktop Icons and can connect to internet b... Read more