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No display in my computer

when it cheek an other monitor without my casing it show display, when i connect with my casing it does not show any display even mouse, keyboard are not show light. when press power mouse, keyboard are show light. what can i do for this? plz help me.

Changing language in chinese to English

Hello, Could you please help me, I just bought a phone from one of our Chinese phone and all the app is Chinese when I open one off the app its all Chinese language but I need to change it to English.Please the model of phone K-TOUCH X15. Read more

Hotspot help...

Hello, I don’t have any internet connection anymore, so I use my hotspot on my iPhone to use my ps3, and now it’s saying that my IP address failed where I can’t connect... what should I do?

best gaming laptop

I am new in this forum. Can you guys help me what's the best gaming laptop? My budget is only $1500. And I don't have much idea about gaming laptop.