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Dell Inspiron 15 3542 internal hard disk drive not found

I got a new hard drive for my dell laptop and was told it was compatible with this laptop too. Whenever I boot it, I get the message, "internal hard disk drive not found." I tried running the diagnostic on it and came up with no issues, did the legacy boot and it doesn't fix anything, I've tried everything. I'm trying everything I can th... Read more

How to repair corrupted .jpg photos [Closed]

Hello, My desktop was running slow so I update my OS and some other applications. After completions of several updates, I am unable to open my photos. Luckily, I have the backup of some pictures but there have been few losses. When I am clicking on the photo, it showing the corrupt message. What method can I use to fix the mess? I ... Read more

2017 A New Year

On behalf of all us of the CCM team, we wish you all and to those who are near and dear to you, a new year filled with happiness, health and prosperity. Above all peace to all of you of goodwill. As a matter of fact, we wish your all that you wished that we would wish to you but better. Read more

Are you lazy?

A recent worldwide survey showed that out of 2,146,703,436 people, 94% were too lazy to actually read that number.

we are beans

A teacher asked her students to use the word "beans" in a sentence. "My father grows beans," said one girl. "My mother cooks beans," said a boy. A third student spoke up, "We are all human beans."

drive will not read recovery W7 disc

Hello, I have been trying all day to recover my windows 7 sysem. Get "diskmgr missing" - and my drive will not read the recovery disc. Can you help?

WD My Passport Not Working - No Show in Device Manager

I have a 1 tb WD My Passport. My Laptop is a HP Envy i7 with Windows 10. When I plug in the HD the light on the HD turns on and I can hear the HD sounds (normal sounds). I do not see any notice of the WD HD in Device Manager (not under Disk Drives or USB Controllers). Any help would be appreciated. Thx.

please insert a disk into removable disk

Hello, i have a problem with my flash diver, when i connect it to PC the driver label will be shown on my computer but when i click on it the massage (please insert a disk into removable disk) i have done below actions but were not effective. 1) use disk part command to format the disk 2) use disk management to change the label ... Read more

Doctor's weird question

Last week I had my annual physical and for an unknown reason the doctor asked me if any member of my family ever suffered from insanity. I replied no, we all seemed to enjoy it.


Adding cats

Teacher: "If I gave you 2 cats and another 2 cats and another 2, how many would you have?" Johnny: "Seven." Teacher: "No, listen carefully... If I gave you two cats, and another two cats and another two, how many would you have?" Johnny: "Seven." Teacher: "Let me put it to you differently. If I gave you two apples, and another two app... Read more


External Hard drive not showing up on my computer..

Hello, Configuration: iPhone / Chrome 47.0.2526.83 My external hard drive is not showing up at my computer for my win 7 laptop When i go for Disk Management its shows that Disk 1 unknown and not initalize..what should i do? Thank you

Lost folders in memory card

Hello, i observed that my folders and contents of my memory card refused to show but they weren't deleted and the memory card assumes same space as when the contents and folders were showing. Why and how can i fix this? Configuration: / Opera 9.80