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problem in dowloading with fdm latest version

Hello, this is the problem : i'am sorry , i don't know where i put my question Read more


problem in cd burning

Hello, please , what is the correct way to burn a CD, because i am whenever i've been in this process for the result for the software works to burn CD thus, the program will be burned correctly , but this image of another software and i am not of his own making ht... Read more

problem of delete a computer program

hello , please , i want to know how to delete a computer program from its roots in Windows 7 without resorting to any program deleted i tried to delete programs, but they did not work with me

problem of burn a CD

hello , please , there are software that do not work unless i put in a CD-ROM ( burn a CD), how to make them work without a CD-ROM

how to find spyware and hack ?

Hello, please , i want to know how to find spyware and hack without logiciel, because computer hacker Configuration: Windows 7 / Internet Explorer 10.0