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Epson SX235w not printing any green

Hi there, I have an epson sx235w printer which always works brilliantly. However, today when I tried to print some photos, its not printing any green colour. All the cartridges have been replaced recently and I'm getting no warning of the ink being damaged or needing replaced. Anyone know how I fix this? Thanks

Brother MFC-9330CDW change Destination File Path

Dear folks I have got Brother MFC-9330CDW trying to change "Destination File Path" for a scan document / picture from its default location to Desktop. What I did via Brother Control Center 4 --> Device Settings --> Device Scan Settings,,,,,then I changed paths for Image OCR, Email and File. as can be seen in the snapshot below ht... Read more

can't print in color

Hello, my name is Mary I,M having trouble printing in color on my hp Officejet printer i,m going crazy, i have try everything is there some kind of setting i can use for this that will work. Configuration: Windows / Chrome 45.0.2454.85

Cannon MP 640 Printer not responding/connected

Hi! I have a Canon MP 640 printer which I use infrequently. I use wireless or ethernet connection. First time I got the error message " Printer not responding/connected" I solved the problem by cleaning the printerhead in water. This helped for a while, but the problem has reappeared, and cannot be fixed as first time. Prin... Read more

Canonip2770 won't print black

Hello, I'm having the same problem, my canonip 2770 won't print black even though the ink tank is full, I already checked the both cartridges, do cleaning and deep cleaning and even power cycled my printer but nothing happens. Can anyone help me please i don't know what to do anymore. Thanks in advance.