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September 13, 2008

Can't add New Songs on my iPod [Solved/Closed]

Hello, the last time I opened itunes it proposed me to update my ipod to a newer version, that's what I did.. THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.. now when I connect my ipod to itunes it says that I need to download itunes 7.6 or higher.. so I downloaded the 8th version but when I tried to install it, it says that it doesn't work on my windows ... Read more

cannot sync videos onto my ipod [Solved]

Hello, I got my ipod nano 8gb 4th generation about a month ago. I put songs on it fine and then i downloaded some videos and when i plugged in my ipod and tried to sync them a message came up saying "itunes has encountered an error and needs to close." i kept trying but then that message started coming up as soon as i plugged in my ipod... Read more


Hello, I install window xp in my pc. after restart no any wok the pc. pl give me some advise. i try many time but not solved.

System Restore issue

Hi, I tried to use system restore to undo some changes on my pc but it keeps telling me that the system restore was unsuccessful and to choose another system restore point any idea of what can I do please?

strange sound coming from my laptop

Hi, Ive just noticed a strange sound coming from my laptop as if a fan running. Ive just bought it yesterday and I don't know if there is something to worry about?