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how to disable specific users via command ? [Solved]

hello guys .... is there a way to select a number of AD users and disable them ... then at a later time enable them ? the scenario is ... i work in a university and during the exams i create new users for them and i disable their normal users so they dont access their home folder but it frustrating searching for every user by itself di... Read more

scheduled task [Solved]

hello guys ... can anyone help me ... im using windows server 2003 ... and i have client pc windows 7 ... i need to create a scheduled task to run at startup or at logon via gpo ... how do i do that ... thank you

how do i change the result of a formula to normal text or values [Solved]

Hello , i have a formula which calculates my working hours for each day " =C9+(B9>C9)-B9 " ... when i try to sum all the hours resulted from that formula it gives me some other numbers ... can anyone please help ? is there a way to change the result of that formula into text so i can sum it or is there a way to calculate it directly ? ... Read more

you dont currently have permission to access this folder [Solved]

hello , I have trend micro antivirus ... when I plug my usb it sees all files and folders as viruses and denies access to the files and folder it gives me the error "you dont currently have permission to access this folder" click continue to permanently get access to this folder and when I click continue ... I get another error "you have ... Read more

how do i make an application run without asking for admin rights

hello , i installed wampserver on several computers and I want domain users to be able to open this application without asking for admin user and pass. or is there a way to grant admin right only for this app ? im using ws2003 and computers are win7