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Hard drive not detected on device manager after diskpart clean [Solved]

Hiya I messing around with the partition on my hard drive due to error else where. Thats when I borrowed a clean 1TB external hard drive to use as a recovery drive, it was working 100% fine then, and I could copy paste files perfectly fine. But when I jumped on diskpart I accidentally 'clean' the external hard drive rather than my actual ... Read more

Being scammed

1 How does anyone know if they might be getting scammed by an individual, or an organization? 2 Does being told to do something, or perform an extra action not relating to the issue; would that be a clue? 3 What about being told you have a credit card fraud problem when you aren't aware that you even have a credit card? 4 Will Mi... Read more

Continuity and Safari Tabs Will Not Work With My XS, But Does With My 5S?

I cannot sort out why MacOS Continuity and Safari iCloud tabs on my MBP (or my 5S) will not recognize my iPhone XS. My MBP recognizes my 5S's tabs. It has worked sporadically in the past but hasn't worked in over 3 weeks. Oddly, my XS recognizes both my MBP's and 5S's tabs, so the issue is clearly on the MBP side. Thus far, I have: ... Read more

How to fix windows update

See this video How to fix windows update

Unable to enable registry editing

Hello, I disabled prevent registry editing from gpedit.msc. but still regedit is disabled

Linux OS for a new user

Hello users, This question may be offtopic here, but i need your kind suggestions. I am now going to reinstall an operating system in my computer. I had Windows 10 earlier. Now I am thinking to use Linux. I have not used it before so I have a few doubts. Will it be difficult to use and understand Linux? Will Linux be faster than W... Read more

Window server 2016 standard

Hello everyone I have window server 2016 standard with installed 6 RDS users. Suddenly it's slows and poor performance some services also stopped after restart. I checked resource monitor CPU 2% ram 32% and disk usage is 48% when run any application is freeze also RDS stop responding then we have to restart the server again don't kno... Read more

WiFi help

Hi I’m bit clueless with WiFi and broadband, I have my landline from sky which come in upstate bedroom. My sky router is plugged directly into master socket. I have tried a few different netgear WiFi extender products get WiFi into downstairs room where our living room is where we watch tv. We can’t get a good enough connection to wat... Read more

Server 2008 not listening on 3389 [Solved]

After googling and trying various "fixes" I was able to get it listening again. My fix was to make sure the following services were started and set to automatic. DNS Client Function Discovery Resource Publication SSDP Discovery UPnP use CMD and do netstat -na | find "3389" which should hopefully return some results. Read more

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I have a Acer aspire 3680 Windows Vista basic/Intel Celeron M and cannot get it to connect to Wi-Fi wireless

login as Administrator

Hello, Good afternoon sir, Sir, I am using windows 10 and I have setup a password for security purpose. Now, I don't need the pass word. and so, I searched the measure to remove the password. But I failed to find some solution. There after I heard about "netplwiz" , which I tried and a box appeared having two options, first was Admin... Read more

Does not existhe symbolic link D:\USBCU

Hi anyone can help me fix my sd card?.. i think it was corrupted by virus.. then hide all my file.. but when i use command prommt the action was "Does not existhe symbolic link D:\USBCU" TIA!

Gigaset A490 not able to hear voice

Hello, I recently purchased gigaset A490 cordless phone. Where I can able to make phone call , I can't hear others voice but they can able to hear my voice. What could be the possible causes. I need help to fix this issue. Read more