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"Sysprep was not able to validate your windows installation"

For anyone who comes across this when trying to run sysprep. Enable local admin account Log in as local admin take ownership of and then delete the file C:\Windows\System32\spopk.dll Reboot the PC Copy spopk.dll from another Win 10 machine Try Sysprep again. Logs may also indicate sysprep cannot run because it cannot...

RocketRAID 640 Drivers for Server 2012 above

For anyone Googling that needs a driver which will allow them to view the array in Windows, you'll find driver version 1.0.9 which comes with CD Doesnt work with operating systems above 2008. Although, it installs in device manager, it does not show the virtual disk in Windows. Download this driver (version and install in d...

Server 2008 not listening on 3389 [Solved]

After googling and trying various "fixes" I was able to get it listening again. My fix was to make sure the following services were started and set to automatic. DNS Client Function Discovery Resource Publication SSDP Discovery UPnP use CMD and do netstat -na | find "3389" which should hopefully return some results.

Best Android TV Box

Hi guys and gals. does anyone use an Android TV box to stream Kodi on? I'm using an Amazon Fire TV and it's crap. I'm looking to buy a T95Z, has a 1Gbps ethernet and 4K at 60fps Does anyone have this? Opinions! System Configuration: Mac OS Windows Desktop Windows Server

Send to via Access 2016 "wrong password" [Solved]

I have a customer using Access 2016 with a custom database written by someone else. They were using IMAP but are now on 365. Since this move when they go to "send to mail recipient > PDF" they get "the password is invalid. the message wasnt sent". If i flip Outlook back to the IMAP profile everything works perfect. Access some...

2018 Activities

Here's my 2018 agenda. 29th March - 30 Seconds To Mars (Birmingham, UK) 21st April - Derren Brown illusionist June 5th - 15th - Hurghada, Egypt June 19th - Foo Fighters (Manchester, UK) July 27th - Chase and Status August 17th - Britney Spears August 25th - SW4 Festival (London, UK) October 8th - 19th - Portugal Bye ;-)

Apple's iPhone 8

Very soon we're going to be introduced to Apple's new iPhone. I for one love Apple products. Though, I cant help but feel ripped off that each years these devices are more and more expensive. This new phone is going to cost nearly £1000 to purchase which is absolutely ridiculous! It's extortion at it's finest. No doubt I will...

Prevent Ransomware with Microsoft File Server Resource Manager

Microsoft servers (Starting from 2008 I think), Have a role called File Server Resource Manager (FSRM). You can install this node under "File Server" from "Server Manager". The intention is that you create a file group with all known extensions of ransomware and then create a rule to screen all files on a server and block any attempt fo...

2017 shenanigans

So, It will soon be that time of year known as "Festival Season". Here are my plans: July August What about you? If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1.0

Adding protection to prevent ransomware [Solved]

Quick guide! A lot of computers are being infected with ransomware which encrypts files meaning the chances of recovery is slim. I've come across a free BETA program from malwarebytes which aims to prevent ransomware from taking over your files.

Windows 10 update causes network issues - Not getting IP Address [Solved]

Hello, If you find that you're not getting an IP address from the DHCP server you can follow theses steps: 1. Open command prompt as administrator (CTRL + X) 2. Type netsh winsock reset catalog and press enter 3. Type netsh int ipv4 reset reset.log and press enter 4. Restart your PC If at first you don't succeed; call it version 1....

Cell format - COUNTIF then subtract from another cell [Solved]

Hi, I have a spreadsheet with holidays on. I'm using =COUNTIF(D16:D380,"H") I want to then subtract this number from another cell - What do I need to add on to this formula? thanks.

Stop.. relax!

We all need to take a break from time to time. It's nice to relax without having to care about anything. I took a trip over to the Lake District in Cumbria (North-West England) and stayed in a guest house In Windermere and travelled around the different towns and lakes. I even took a motor boat and sailed in Lake Windermere which wa...

Missing SYSVOL/NETLOGON folder/share on DC

After struggling with this last night and finally coming to a resolve, I thought I would put the answer in one place for anyone who Googles in the future. My scenario Is that I'm migrating SBS 2011 to Server 2012 and my SYSVOL wasn't replicating and I had lots of entries for ID 13568 in the File Relication logs to state issues with my ...

Conditional format to highlight cell based on date [Solved]

hi guys! I need some help. I'm creating a spreadsheet to show when car MOT expires. I have a column (F) which has MOT expiry dates in. I have a CF which highlights the cell red if the date is more than TODAY. This worked fine. What I would like is, once the MOT expiry date gets within 15 days before todays today, i want it ...

Missed the free upgrade to Windows 10? No Worries! - Get it here [Solved]

There is no end date to this offer either, enjoy.

How to upgrade to Win 10 from network location [Solved]

1. Using the Windows 10 media creation tool, download your version of Windows 10 based on the current system of your OS (32 or 64 bit) Ensure you download the ISO. 2. Download and install Daemon Tools Lite and mount the I...

Today is a sad day for the United Kingdom

Today I am sadden by the results of our EU Referendum. To think the majority of leave voters did it based on racism is appauling. Now we've divided ourselves and become even more recluse. We are better together. Hopefully this ship doesn't sink - Here's to better things.

Has anyone used the 3CX PBX solution before?

I'd like to know your experience/opinions.

GIGS - Update to my 2015 calendar..

29th October - Knife Party 6th November - Skrillex 21st November - Nero 28th November - Zedd 3rd December - The Prodigy Let the EDM commence.