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August 23, 2008

Outlook 2003 - restore file does not show up

Hello, Friend of mine has got desktop with XP home Edition (not professional) OS get corrupted; I took the HD out and backup its data. I copied the whole partition C -got only one partition- (of course with its hidden files) which had those three folders : Windows , Program files, Documents and Settings to an external USB HD. ... Read more

My compaq presario problem

Hello, My compaq presario S6300NX restart after getting to the desk top. I tried restoring the computer. also tried starting in safe mode and it does nothing. can someone tell me what is wrong. I was told to get the disc to do recovery. I bought the disc but don't know what my kids did with them. Thank You Read more

when i insrt my flash driver say usb not reco

Hello, my name isabasin i have aproblim wehni insert my flash driver it answer that usb not reconized what can i do with this problem please solve it to me

Outlook and outlook express

Hello, We are configure the email one email ID are using two desktop systems (System1 and System2). Still now some mail download system1 and another some mails download system2. I need the all emails download at two systems. Thanks, Maran.A.P Read more

how to format a pendrive using software

Hello, help.... is there any software to reformate flashdrives. got an 8g that i need to fix

China Mobile

Hello, Every body i m new here can any body tell me what is the china mobile software name which enable me to reset my mobile or i can reinstall window on my cell

In Device manager other Devices r notworking

Hello, Notebook xp pro In the 'Device manager'....... "other Devices" are not installed properly(Its yellow flag) so i can paly my audio output But it wont working while doing Chatting and all Some times My voice going and theie voice is not coming.... Advance thanks for your Help Read more

msn messenger asking additional pluggins???

Hello, while i was using msn messenger the software advised me to add more plug ins,,,so my question is what is the use of the additional plug ins and where can i get it but at a safe site .thank u for ur replies ;-)

is my logicquickcam chat

Hello, I already input my wecam but the point they said when i bought this its already with microphone how come its doesn't wokr. how will i do that so that they can hear me thanks

Sound recording problem with HP Pavilion dv60

Hello, I am Abdul Qahar Jawad in Kabul Afghanistan. My computer has sound recording problem niether the branded mics work nor the external headphone mic can work. This the trouble that I can not record things in my computer ( HP Pavilion dv600). Please guide me what to do ? Read more

computer can't detect detector

Hello, my computer cant detect the detector for my wireless mouse and keyboard so i cant move anything. What can i do?

Not booting from CD-Rom

Hi, My CD-ROM is detecting and working fine from the existing OS. Now I want to partition my HD and reinstall OS. I changed the boot priority in Bios settings to CD-ROM first. It is not booting from the CD-ROM, when CD-ROM and HD are connected individually as PM & SM. I tried all possibilities and I observed one strange thing l... Read more

IE popus cant be controlled

Hello, Hey guys ive been having IE popups just coming uo randomly although i scanned my computer several times using anti-spyware and all that... so i then downloaded HijackThis and this is my log... can you please check my log ? Running processes: C:\WINDOWS\System32\smss.exe C:\WINDOWS\system32\winlogon.exe C:\WINDOWS\system3... Read more

unmountable boot error

Hi guys I have a vectron m3cw and now im getting an unmountable disk boot error can anyone tell me the meaning of this error and how can I make things alright for my laptop?

indentions and spacing

Hello, need help! i have problem with indentions and spacing and correct alignment with word but in outlook window. im trying to send a message and i cant seem to align the second column of my message. example is shown below: 1. uiasydasdhashfaf - dfhsakfhjasdhfasdhfsdhfk 2. ashfjghasffsdfhsd ... Read more