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August 23, 2008

Sound recording problem with HP Pavilion dv60

Hello, I am Abdul Qahar Jawad in Kabul Afghanistan. My computer has sound recording problem niether the branded mics work nor the external headphone mic can work. This the trouble that I can not record things in my computer ( HP Pavilion dv600). Please guide me what to do ? Read more

Not booting from CD-Rom

Hi, My CD-ROM is detecting and working fine from the existing OS. Now I want to partition my HD and reinstall OS. I changed the boot priority in Bios settings to CD-ROM first. It is not booting from the CD-ROM, when CD-ROM and HD are connected individually as PM & SM. I tried all possibilities and I observed one strange thing l... Read more

China Mobile

Hello, Every body i m new here can any body tell me what is the china mobile software name which enable me to reset my mobile or i can reinstall window on my cell

computer can't detect detector

Hello, my computer cant detect the detector for my wireless mouse and keyboard so i cant move anything. What can i do?