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problem in detect of DVD in windows 7

I thank you for your help and interesting for answer When I open my DVD properties from device manager it give my this message Windows cannot load the device driver for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing. (Code 39) can you tell me the solve?

getting error explorer.exe

Hello, Wel guys whenever I open my PC's F:/ Drive it immediately shows error This one & when I click on "To see what data this error report contain,click here " Thn it shows: earlier this problem with PC's E:/ Driv... Read more

How use msg.exe ?

Hello, I need to send LAN message in my local network, i mean no Internet. So I need to get an alternative to the old NetSend since we are moving to windows7. And since it has been deleted since windows Vista I tried few softs : - msg.exe I could not get it work, does anybody work out wi... Read more

Files not hidden not visible

Hello, My computer recently got infected with a virus and I could not fix it so I ran the computer under safe mode and backed up all my files then reformatted. Now that I reformatted I'm importing files again, however, files are not visible (but the drive indicates that there are contents). Only folders exist and no files within. It's... Read more

Black screen with mouse cursor

Hello, Yesterday I was using my ascer laptop and then suddenly all these pop up errors came up out of now were which caused the laptop to freeze. So I waited a while. Nothing happened so I shut it off manually via holding the power button till it turned off. Waited for like half of an hour, then turned it on... It loaded and came up with... Read more

can't open locked files

Hello, Sir, I am in need of your help. I have locked some files by an application called lock version, company KaKasoft, due to virus problems I had to format my computer, but my files was in other drive, now I am not able to unlock it, I've tried several times, the password is correct. Please help me with this problem. ... Read more

How to move my itunes library to my computer that crashed

Hello, My computer crashed, was fixed and a lot of my music, etc. was put back onto iTunes. BUT my playlists, books, photos, and podcasts were not. Is it possible to put all of this back onto iTunes from my iPod? Configuration: Windows XP / Safari 534.16

Dual Monitor Problem

Hello, I just hooked up a dual monitor and the screens are the same. I went to settings and my computer is showing only 1 monitor. I then went to my control panel and it looks like I do not have a display to be able to change my connect to external. What should I do to make my dual monitor work. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Exp... Read more

Drive not visible to windows7

hi everybody actually in my laptop one drive is invisible after formatting this problem comes . in storage it shows also i assign one lette to the drive but its not working can any one pl help me .. i have one more problem i buy one hard disk(IDE) and i want to use it as a external hard disk via convector but it is not detected in my PC... Read more

yahoo mail language problem

Hello, I have some problem with my yahoo mail. my yahoo mail is in france but i want to change it in English please help me to change it because I can't read France but every options are in France please help me to change it in English. my Windows is XP. Configuration: Windows XP / Internet Explorer 6.0 Read more

Help!! My toshiba laptop doesnt want to boot

Hey, Okay so my toshiba laptop wont boot up!! Its pain in the ass! the system recovery isnt working and so is none of the f8 options! when i select sytem recovery all that happens is the windows logo comes up then the screen goes blank with the cursor...and then nothing!? its been like that for the last 3-4 months and ive had it for l... Read more

computer froze unable to start

Hello, I recently downloaded pictures from my phone ... while I was doing this I noticed my mouse wasn't working anymore. I disconnected and reconnected the mouse ... then I decided to turn computer off to see if starting it fresh would help and then hooking up mouse would be okay. I turned it off and now it's just on one screen ... I... Read more

virus wont let me run any programs [Solved]

Hello, ok I have a huge problem where this virus downloaded it self to my computer when I accidently clicked on a pop up. So now it wants to buy this anti virus called AV virus suite and it will not let me do anything not even ctrl alt delete, msconfig, command prompt anything that tries to get rid of the virus and if I do than it wil... Read more