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how to execute html files in ubunto

Hello, I am looking for execution of a .HTML file in UNIX terminal. Please help me with how to execute a html file. Thanks in advance for your answer! divya dutta

Linux help

Hey right, this is a quicky. i want a script where the user types in some data in command line, it saves it and formats it. i no that i can use " cat >> Filename" to create the file and to place data in it. but i cant seem to close it and then be able to format that data all in one srcipt please Help Quick Read more

Quick Question

helloo i am trying to install compizconfig-settings-manager in the terminal of ubuntu 8.0.4 and it says that it couldnt find package why not and how do i get that package?


Hello, i am trying to install Ubuntu on my computer and while i am at the boot screen i get a message that says "This kernel requires an x86-64CPU, but only detected an i1586 CPU. Unable to boot - please use a kernel appropiate for your CPU. What does that mean and where am i allowed to get a different kernel or where can i update it? Read more

Installation or boot problem

Hello, I am having some problems installing Fedora Project On my Computer. I have downloaded it and saved it as a .iso file but everytime i place it in my computer and try to boot from disk i get a blank line for about 30 seconds then it goes directly to Windows XP? My computer recognizes it as a image file because i get the auto play ... Read more