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Oppo Unveils Waterfall Screen


Best Access Point Setup?

I have had a real problem receiving a strong wifi signal in all parts of my house. I set up two wired Access points with 2 additional wifi routers to solve the problem. It works fairly well but I am wondering how best name the SSIDs. Each router has at least 2 potential 2.4 and 5 ghz as well as guest networks. My question is should you ... Read more

No effect :)

I cant connect to wifi

Hello, I got a new lap top and its version is acer aspire ES 15 I cant find any wifi connect method andcant even connect to wifi plz help


Hi all. Hopefully someone can help. I have a caravan on a site with a WiFi booster installed. I pay for the booster which should be exclusive to the caravan but is open access and anyone can go on. Despite complaining site have failed to resolve the situation. So....... I thought I would be able to introduce a router with password ... Read more